Wedding Cake Alternatives

In today’s weddings the bride and groom are choosing to take the usual wedding traditions and twist them in their own unique ways. For instance they are finding alternatives to the traditional white wedding cake. Below are several of the most popular alternatives.

The most popular of the alternatives is a small wedding cake that is accentuated by enough cupcakes to feed your wedding guests. This option allows the newlyweds the option to still participate in the ceremonial cutting of the cake. It also gives the wedding guests an option in cake and frosting flavors. These mini works of art can be placed on a tiered cake pedestal or decoratively placed on the “wedding cake table” , either way these personalized wedding snacks are sure to cause a splash.

If you are tired of the traditional wedding cake but are over the cupcake craze you could try something known as  “cakeshooters” . These new treats are designed to look like push-pops and are filled with cake , flavored icing, and traditional cake toppings. With this option couples can customize the packaging with their own wedding logo and their names. They are also available in gluten free and vegan options which is always a plus!!!

If your wedding is in the summer season this next treat would probably be of most interest to you. A cool ice cream bar in lou of a traditional heavy pastry is ideal for the summer time because your guest will be able to have a cool and customizable treat that will not weigh them down when it’s time to dance. When going with an ice cream bar the options are endless because you can include everyone’s favorite toppings as well as some healthy choices like frozen yogurt and fresh fruit.

Another delightful treat in a late autumn or winter wedding would be a dessert barista. When the weather becomes a little frosty your guests are going to need some help warming up especially if your ceremony and reception aren’t in the same venue. It would be best to assure that your barista’s station is fully stocked with flavored syrup’s, various milk options and ofcourse desserts like gourmet cupcakes and chocolate-dipped biscotti’s. For an extra splash of fun you can also incorporate tasty coffee mixers for the adult sippers.

This next selection is not at all the usual selection for a wedding treat but it is sure to amaze. It is called a croquembouche (pronounce it croke-em-boosh ), it is a traditional french pastry that consists of a paper cone covered with fluffy cream-filled choux pastries or macarons and drizzled with chocolate syrup and caramel. With a description like that who needs to hear anything else? This treat is sure to serenade the eye’s and tongue’s of all your guest’s.

And last but absolutely not least is the delightful dessert breakfast bar. When your reception has run well into the night and is spilling over into the next morning a breakfast bar is a wonderful parting gift to both your guest’s and your wedding party. This may be the oldest of all of the alternatives but arguably one of the best. This alternative not only keeps your guests partying into the next day with you, it ensures that they’ll have a full belly to sleep on when they finally do make it home. Waffles, bacon, eggs, maybe some fresh fruit (you can even recycle some toppings from your ice cream bar if there’s any left), what else could be better to end a great night of festivities?


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