Statement Wedding Pieces

In even the simplest of wedding’s a little flair can be added by using a beautiful statement piece. A statement piece can be worn by the bride and can vary from a beautiful piece of jewelry or a fascinator, a well done and amazingly executed program, or a breath-taking cake.

After the royal wedding there has been an exponential increase in the popularity of the fascinator. This is an abstract head-piece or hat that is either held on by a head band or hair pins. This simple gesture can add plenty of flair to a brides style like the peacock feather head-piece worn by Sarah Jessica Parker on her doomed wedding day in the movie “Sex in The City”. The bride can also wear a beautiful necklace or a nice pair or dangling earrings to add an extra splash of fashion to her wardrobe. This can also be done by the entire wedding party as long as the bride doesn’t feel like she’s being upstaged.

If the bride is not willing to make her wardrobe the statement of the wedding or if you’re the type of couple that needs many statement pieces, you can also use your programs to wow your guests.Instead of the traditional program with the couples picture on the front , you can go with something that will not only entertain your guest but can serve as a beautiful keepsake. The program usually consists of a run down of the wedding party, a list of the reading’s and readers, the officiant, as well as the date and location of your ceremony. It is also a good idea to briefly explain any foreign or bi-cultural traditions that will be taking place during the ceremony so that your guests can easily follow the service. However, how much or how little you choose to say in your program is totally up to you.

If you’re a couple that has expensive taste and would like your wedding to drip with elegance and beautiful statements you can also go with an extravagant wedding cake. These cakes however, do not come cheap so this option is for those who don’t mind dropping a pretty bridal penny on the cake alone. The statement wedding cake is probably the most common type of statement piece at anyone’s wedding because there are two things that most guest are anxious to see, and that is the wedding dress and the cake. With that being said a couple would want to make sure their cake is done the right way.

In all a wedding can be made of plenty of different elements that can give it an extra splash of sparkle and flair. Choosing the best one for yourself however, is the most important part. Now go out and have fun planning those fabulous weddings!


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