All about the Rings

Almost as important as the bride and her dress is of course her groom but the next in line is most likely their rings. These small pieces of jewelry announce your union to the world and will be worn for the rest of your life, so why not make sure they are rings you both love. Usually the initial burden of the perfect ring will fall upon your soon-to-be husband when it comes time to pick out the engagement ring, and with all the styles and price ranges to choose from it can be a difficult but rewarding hunt.

The first trend is one that many grooms ( and their brides) are heavily into, and this is the diamonds and platinum. Most women dream of big beautiful diamonds as little girls but some may or may not receive them so as a soon-to-be husband your guy is hoping to be the one to give you what you’ve always dreamed of. This specific trend is not always the cheapest but it makes for a beautiful conversation piece when you share the lovely news with your friends and family.

If the bride-to-be is more on the glamorous side then this trend is definitely for her. The colored stone adds a bit of style and pizzazz to the traditional engagement ring, the stones can range from pretty pink one’s to one’s that match her favorite color or birthstone. This style allows for more of a personal relationship with the ring (if you can believe that’s even possible).

For a bride that loves a good thrift store or consignment shop this trend is truly for her. These vintage pieces of jewelry give a look of wisdom and historical value and can mean so much more to the bride if in fact her ring is an heirloom.This trend brings back the traditional engagement ring with a modest sized solitaire diamond with a plain gold or white gold band. Though these pieces don’t speak volumes to every bride they are sure to stand the test of time for that special one.

With the earth-friendly society we now live in it is only fitting that there will be eco-friendly rings. If your bride is as eco-friendly as they come or she’s just becoming apart of “team green” then these rings would surely impress her. These rings are made with conflict-free diamonds and recycled gold settings, features that will surely put your bride-to-be at ease when excepting your proposal.

And although the engagement ring process is all about the bride it is only fitting that she show her groom just how much she truly appreciates him.In the past the groom was usually stuck with a plain gold or white gold band that didn’t speak to his individuality, but now men’s wedding rings are made to fit him personally. They can also feature beautiful diamonds or colorful stones, two types of metals ,intricate band designs in place of stones, as well as have eco-friendly features. So remember even though your bride-to-be worries most about rings, keep in mind that it’s a process you both should enjoy ( just make sure your best man remembers where he put your rings on the day of the wedding).


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  1. Hi, I’d really love to come by and see consignment stores selling wedding rings. Are there any consignment stores which you would recommend? Do you know what the store hours is and Where are they located? Thanks in advance! -Trisha