After ” I Do”

Now that all the stressful wedding planning is over, your special day has come and gone, and you’ve enjoyed your honeymoon what do you do next? For many couples it is hard to make the transition from just a couple to a married couple even if the two of you have been together for years. This change in dynamics not only solidifies your commitment to one another as a loving couple it also means that until your marriage ends you are vowing  to stand by one another no matter the challenge. Though it may seem like a tough transition it is not impossible with effort and consideration from the both of you.

As a newly married couple you should always remember that conversation is key. Now is not the time to keep secrets , if anything this is when the two of you should share the most about yourselves if you haven’t already. This is also a time to discuss your goals for the future whether it’s starting a family, continuing your education, moving, or even new career aspirations.

After your wedding and honeymoon it is also a great time to sit back and review your finances as a couple. This is your opportunity to set money aside for long-term goals as well as discuss the bills and savings accounts if you don’t already have one. Discussing how your money will be spent or saved allows the both of you to gain a mental picture of your finances so that neither one of you are in the dark about where you stand.

“Never go to bed angry”your grandmother was right when she told you this. Though it may seem easy to hold a grudge with your spouse it doesn’t make it right.As a couple you should be able to calmly discuss your frustrations with one another, if this cannot happen right away then it is best that the two of you get some alone time to cool off and then reconvene later. Going to bed after an unfinished argument allows for your anger to fester therefore lighting the flame for more anger towards your partner, and this as a couple is something you do not want.

Most importantly , KEEP THE LOVE ALIVE! This will be the most important thing you will hear from friends and family who have already gone down this road. Just because you are married does not mean that your life suddenly becomes dull, have fun with each other, after all your going to be spending a lot of time together from now on. You can do something as simple as planning a weekly date night so the two of you can get back into the mode of “dating”, you can even do something like plan a special trip every year for just the two of you to get away together and rekindle any missing flames.

In all, life as a married couple doesn’t have to be a drag. Live it up and enjoy each other’s company, it will make for a long and enjoyable marriage.


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