DIY Wedding

Though everyone would love to have the extravagant wedding of their dreams, most of us have strict budgets we must adhere to when planning our special day.Some couples find it hard to stay comfortably in the budget while getting all that you want on your wedding day. However it is easy to have what you want and not pay an arm and a leg for it, just DIY (do it yourself). Plenty of couples have found crafty ways to save money on the things that are costly when planning a wedding by making their own centerpieces, cakes, programs, and wedding favors.

Looking for a beautiful way to decorate your dinner tables at the reception doesn’t have to be an expensive venture for the two of you. One great example of a DIY centerpiece are these beautiful painted candles grouped in the middle of the table behind a matching number card. There are many different ways of executing this idea to make it your own, you can paint them in many different patterns, use stencils, and even paint your official monogram on them if you have one. This is your chance to have fun with you decor, grab a group of your closest friends on a lazy weekend and have fun customizing each and every candle.

Though the thought of designing and then baking your own wedding cake can strike up fear in the hearts of most couples, it is also something else you can do yourself. When your going in this direction the amount of wedding guests you’re expecting plays a large part, this is not something you would do if you’re expecting a large amount of guests. Again this is something that you can involve your wedding party in, especially if one of them is a very good baker. Going this route not only saves you money, it ensures that you are getting exactly what you want with no surprises.

Wedding programs come in many shapes and forms depending on the couples style choices. For example this wedding program pays homage to the couples love for travel and adventure. The program cards in the shape of luggage tags are bound together by string and covered with beautiful flowered paper. Ideas like this one ensure that your programs will stand out from the rest and highlight your interests as a couple. Ofcourse not every couple is not gonna like this particular design, that is why the two of you can take it upon yourselves to decide what it is you really want to say to your guests through your program. This is another process that you to can dive into together on your free time while discussing your big day and the fun you plan to have.

No wedding reception is complete without fabulous parting gifts for your guests. Of all the things at your wedding this is the most customizable but can also take up a lot of the costs. However, you don’t want to give your guest something they will take home to throw in the junk drawer. One great idea for DIY wedding favors is this great candy buffet. You two can take the time to pick an assortment of your favorite candies to share with your guests, the personal touch is added by placing small personalized pouches on the table for your guests to gather their goods in. Your pouches can feature the wedding colors, your initials , or even a special parting message.

as always this is not meant to be stressful but fun. So grab a group of your closest friends and see what you guys can come up with in order to make your day special and cost-effective. ENJOY!!!


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