Traditional vs. Non Traditional Weddings

The struggle in planning your perfect wedding is mainly what will work for you. While most couples always settle on the traditional route for most or all of their wedding details some couples choose to trade out some or all of these things for non traditional one’s.

The most stable part of any wedding is always the bride’s dress. In traditional weddings the bride’s dress usually includes a princess ball gown theme or features a long vail.In modern or non traditional weddings bride’s are ditching the idea of long and “puffy” dresses in favor of shorter dresses that allow for more comfort. Some even keep the traditional wedding gown for the ceremony and change in to the comfortable dress for the reception. Either way you choose to do it, the tea length or cocktail dress can be a fun addition to your wedding wardrobe. It is also important to remember that even though your planning to go shorter it is still your wedding day , so keep it classy.

In the traditional wedding the bridesmaids are known to wear the same color and style of dress no matter how it makes them look individually .The bride however, is not the only one who’s allowed to mix it up at the wedding. Allow your bridesmaids to have fun with their dresses, they can get different styles of dress in the same color, different colors of a dress in the same style, or the same dress in different shades of one color.Yes thats a lot in the way of options , but it’s the best way to assure that everyone in your wedding party not only looks great but they are happy with what their wearing.

Another way to simply drop traditional from your wedding is to change up your vows. You can either write them yourself, or change the way you would like to recite the “traditional vows” by adding or omitting a few words. If your a couple with blended religions or you don’t want to offend anyone in particular you can re-write the vows so that they do not include prayer and religion and only speak of love and commitment. After the ceremony is over you can laminate your special vows and either have them framed or add them to your wedding scrap book along with your wedding photos.

Finally, the easiest way to incorporate a non traditional twist to your wedding is with your invites. Because they are the first taste of your wedding that your guest’s will receive this is the best place to add a little individuality. Make your guest’s laugh or tell them a story about the two of you if you want,tell them what your expecting them to wear or what you don’t want them to wear (depending on how non traditional your wedding will actually be).

Either way you go it’s important for you to have fun in every way. Enjoy!!!



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