Sit-Down Dinners vs Buffets

Whether your hosting an elegant reception or a comfortable “after-party”with close friends and family you will most likely have food served. The big question is the manner in which you serve the food. Both Sit-down dinners and buffets have their advantages and draw-backs, hopefully we can make the decision between the two easier by examining both.

Great things about a Sit-Down dinner:

1. Your guests will enjoy the elegant feel of being served.

2. Your guests will not have to worry about standing in line for food  if they are not physically able to do so.

3. It is easier for the catering company to calculate the amount of food they may need for your reception.


Great things about a buffet:

1. You don’t have to pay for a wait staff , therefore making your overall bill cheaper.

2. The atmosphere is less formal and allows your guests the opportunity to mix and mingle with the other guests.

3. A buffet discourages waste because your guest are allowed to choose what they do or do not want on their plates.

4. A buffet is also easier for couples to choose if they want to have family  and friends prepare the food themselves.

Not so great things about sit-down dinners:

1. Per plate dinners are usually out of budget due to the wait staff they require.

2.When you are serving sit-down dinners your guests are limited to a small amount of meal options.

3.This type of dinner requires you to send out meal cards with the invite and R.S.V.P. , this can be a hectic process when you have so many other things to keep up with.

Not so great things about a buffet:

1. There is a possibility that you will run out of food or that you will have a massive amount of left overs.

2. Some of your guests will prefer to be served rather than getting their own food.

3. Lets face it, not everyone is as clean as you’d like them to be, a buffet will allow your guests to freely pick over the food that is out and available to them

If you still find yourself torn between the two then maybe you should explore the idea of having a fully staffed buffet. This means that there will be a wait staff serving the food to your guests buffet style. This way you are still able to get the best of both worlds, with very little hassle. Though it is probably more costly than a self-serve buffet, your guests will be able to enjoy being served while also choosing what they want to eat.Enjoy!!!





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