Choosing a wedding theme is often challenging because it will dictate every aspect of your big day. First off you should decide whether you will be choosing a color theme or if you will be choosing an actual concept to model your wedding after.If your choosing colors that can be a rather easy concept to follow, but choosing an actual concept can take you on a trip through the crazy and unusual but it is not that difficult.

 If your a big cartoon or comic book buff than this theme is definitely for you. However, there is a thin line between perfectly executed and over excessive. It is fun for you and your groom to dress up like your favorite characters , but if you are going to include your guests in the fun please be sure to give them specific guidelines. Your theme can transfer over into your reception venue with the food , decor , and choices of music. Keep in mind that not all of your guest will love and participate in your theme but that is also ok.

Let’s say your big on history and love a certain era, you can have a historic theme for your wedding. Your theme can focus on your favorite period or your favorite era. This theme is also one that your guests can take part in by dressing the part. You can also have this theme transfer over to your reception space with things like the food and decor. Choosing a point in history can be very fun for some of your guests especially if it is a time period in which they were living and having fun. Remember to have fun with this theme but also make sure your elements are accurate because if it is not someone can and possibly will call you on it.

If you two as a couple are madly in love with movies than you would probably choose a movie theme. Your movie theme can either be focused on one specific movie or you can just pay homage to movies in general. Most couples who do not choose a specific movie like to pay homage to old hollywood, this can be a fun theme to work with because you two can enjoy all the luxury and glamour of the era. Like this couple whose reception was in an old movie theatre, having your name on a marquee can be a great addition to your night. This theme is one that all of your guests can enjoy because they will be able to take part in the glamour of the night as well.

The most popular of themes are those that focus on a couples career or favorite pass-time. This can be fun for those couples that feature a firefighter or cop, because you can incorporate and fire engine or vintage police car for transport. This couple for example, chose to ficus on their favorite pass-time which happened to be scuba diving. This underwater wedding is very fun and highly adventurous so you shouldn’t expect all of your guests to strap on gear and join you underwater. If you plan to have a wedding like this one or anything remotely similar you should plan to have a venue where your other guests can view the ceremony safely.

Whatever theme you choose you should make sure that it is something you both love. If you do then it should be all fun in planning. ENJOY!!!


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