Seasonal Weddings 101

The four seasons of the year play a large part in the things we do, when we vacation, what we wear, how often we’re out ,and a whole list of other things. But, mainly the seasons dictate when we will get married. This can be because you prefer one season over another , you want specific weather when you honeymoon, or you want certain flowers for your bouquet.

A beautiful winter wedding can feature beautiful shades ice blue and frosty silver, traditional christmas red and green, or you can choose to go all the way formal with a black and white scheme. The use of candles at your ceremony and reception can help your guests shake off the cold from outside. With this season your reception menu can also feature some heavy comfort foods that people usually enjoy in the cooler weather. The bride and her bridesmaids can use the winter cold as an excuse to pull out their beautiful white furs, they add a certain formal elegance to any ceremony as well as the pictures.

The spring offers a lot to any type of wedding you’re looking to have. As the season of new beginnings your spring ceremony can feature fresh green flower buds as well as newly bloomed flowers. This is the perfect season for a garden wedding due to the abundance of new flowers around you and the calm weather for the season. Choosing a spring wedding means that you have plenty of flowers to choose from for your bouquet, as well as a promise for beautiful weddings pictures when everything is said and done. The season also gives you the opportunity to experiment with beautiful pastels for your bridesmaid dresses. The groom and groomsmen also have the opportunity to change-up their wardrobes using lighter fabrics and colors.

Warm summer weather can do a lot to enhance your wedding ceremony and reception. Most couples take advantage of the weather and wed outside on a sunny beach, a beautiful outdoor wedding venue, and at times even their own backyard. This gives you the opportunity to play with different brightly colored flowers for your bouquet as well as many vibrant colors for your decor and bridal party that will pop under the summer sun. and after the wedding is all over you two can get away and vacation under the blissful summer sun.

And last but absolutely not least is the wonderful crisp fall wedding. This gives you the opportunity to utilize each and every color of the season. You can opt to have a beautiful outdoor ceremony in the brisk autumn air while you and your guests party the night away indoors to stay out of the cool night-time air. The “in between” weather of the season gives you a lot of options to choose from. Again this is another season where you can put filling comfort foods on your menu to warm your guests before they head out into the chilly night-time air. The fun of a fall wedding is all in the colors and how you will use them to enhance your ceremony, this season also gives you the best wedding pictures due to the leaves that will line your background.

No matter what season you choose there is a season for every bride– and a , well you know the rest. ENJOY!!!




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