Long or Short Engagements?

For some people, the wedding planning starts immediately after the proposal. However, this does not mean that the wedding will also be as fast. While some couples choose to marry immediately following their engagement some couples choose to take some time and simply enjoy their engagement.Which one will be right for you?

Pros of a Short engagement:

Less time to be stressed out about planning.

There isn’t enough time to be stressed about minor details.

There’s no time to think twice about style.

No time to disagree with your bridal party.

Cons of a Short engagement:

You have to make quick decisions.

Unless you have an unlimited budget , you will not get your perfect wedding.

Theres not much time to simply enjoy being engaged.

Finding the perfect date to get married will be hard.

You will most likely have to go with the plan B for all of your elements.

Pros of a long engagement:

You have more time to plan your perfect wedding at prices you can actually afford.

Theres more time to enjoy being engaged.

You have a free range of dates to choose from especially if you want your wedding to be on a special holiday weekend.

You get to pick your dream venue and the perfect band to make your day all that you’ve dreamed of.

Cons of a Long engagement:

There is more time to feel stress and pressure.

It’s easier  to procrastinate if your wedding date is far away.( that’s not always a bad thing is you ask me)

Remember no matter how long or short your engagement will be you should make a point to enjoy it full heartedly.




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