Father-Daughter Dance Music

Though mother-son dances are a pretty special part of the wedding reception, the dance between the bride and her dad is pretty special as well.As we stated in the previous post this portion of the wedding reception means a lot to the parents of the bride and groom so it should always be done properly.

Our top 10 Father-Daughter dance songs:

1. In my daughters eyes Martina McBride(2003)
2. Daddy’s Girl- Red Sovine(1975)
3. Father’s eyes- Amy Grant(1979)
4.Dance with my father- Luther Vandross(2003)
5. A song for my daughter- Ray Allaire(Year unknown)
6. Daddy’s little girl- Michael Bolton(2005)
7. There you’ll be- Faith Hill(2001)
8. My special Angel- Bobby Helms(1957)
9. I loved her first- Heartland(2006)
10. Gracie- Ben Folds(2005)

Though this may be an emotional moment for the bride and her dad,it will also be emotional for your guests.If they don’t join in on the dance they will sit back and watch in awe as memories are being made


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