The sweetest wedding favors you can give your guests.

Looking for favors to give your guests? Ones that will not end up collecting dust or end up in the trash shortly after the wedding?

Try candy! If your like most of us, you have a sweet tooth and you like to cater to its wants every now and again. Giving your guests candy favors is the perfect way to make sure that they not only remember your wedding day but they actually enjoy the favors they have been given. Here are some of the best ideas for candy-themed favors ( most of them are DIY, if you like to save money , thats also a plus).

The Famous candy buffet will always be the best way to give your guests a tasty treat to remember your wedding by. This is probably the easiest way to assure that your guests will get exactly what they want out of your favors. Fill the buffet with the most popular candies of the time or your own personal favorites. Top the buffet off with beautiful bags either designed with your names and the date of your wedding or a special message for all of your guests.

Something like a candy buffet, these lollipop trees are a clever way to hold and present your lollipop favors to your guests. These trees can be simply hand made or they can be purchased. You can make this idea your own by adding special designs top the trees themselves as well as picking specific lollipop flavors and adding tags and/or labels to each and every lollipop. Again, the labels can either feature the couples names and the date of the wedding or it can feature a special message for the guests. This is an idea that you can include your entire bridal party in on, each person can design a tree and choose the flavors that will go on their tree.

These clear candy boxes are probably one of the easiest ways to offer sweet treats to your guests. The type of clear containers you choose to house your candies are up to you, choose an assortment of shapes or go with one uniform design. Like all of the other candy options what type of candies you choose is up to you. Fill the clear box, wrap a wide piece of ribbon on the center or one end of the box , and then wrap a smaller ribbon around that one for an extra pop of color. These type’s of boxes don’t always require labels but ofcourse if you would like to include a label you are always welcome to do so.

Personalized candy bars are always fun, though they may require custom online orders it is still an option for you to consider. The wrappers for your candy bars can include things like the pictures from your engagement photo session if you had one. They can also include old family photos from when the two of you were growing up ( at least your guests can take home a few laughs).Though this option is probably the most expensive of the listed options it still promises loads of sweet memories for all of your guests.



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