Fall wedding trends

Planning your wedding is always difficult when your changing seasons because you have to think ahead to the next season. The many elements of your wedding must in some way tie into the current season. Now that fall is approaching it’s time to consider what you can do to incorporate the 2011 fall trends.

Higher hems are big for the fall season , because of the higher dress hems you need to make sure you have the perfect shoes. The perfect shoes for everyone is of course very different and may be that perfect high-end designer shoe or a shoe that simply match your color scheme.

In order to match the higher hem of your dress, you should pair it with a shorter veil. What type of short veil you will use is solely up to you, just make sure that it compliments your dress perfectly.

Sheer layers are also a great trend for the fall. You can incorporate these sheer layers into your wedding through your invitations and other wedding stationary. You can also incorporate the sheer layers into your wedding decor by adding “clear” chairs and accents, Sheer fabrics and linens, crystals and beaded bouquets, and even transparent tents draped in sheer fabric.

Texture is also a popular fall trend,it is something that we’re around everyday, so finding ways to incorporate touches of texture into your wedding is fairly simple. Choosing a cake that matches the texture of your dress is a very easy way to incorporate texture.

There are plenty of other ways to add texture to your wedding if you’re not too interested in the idea of a textured cake. Adding textured stationary, linens, flowers and branches, and paper accessories are a great way to add texture to any ceremony.

In order to assure that your wedding is chic for the fall you can add some or all these elements. However, too much of anything is never good.





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