Table Settings!

“Table settings are one of the most basic yet understated elements of wedding decor, often playing a big role in the overall look and feel of the event. Just as a well-set table can set the perfect mood, one that’s hastily designed can ruin an otherwise perfect gathering.”

It goes without saying that every wedding will require different types of table decor. Though table settings are very formal it is ok if you do not go entirely formal with your settings. A modern but casual feel has been popular within the last few years, therefore you will not be odd if you decide to dress a stiff setting down.

Though you may see the setting up of a table to be rather complicated , it really isn’t they are designed to help people eat with ease, not confuse them. For a basic dinner , each place should include a dinner plate, glasses and/or goblets (depending on your drinks), and flatware such as spoons, forks and knives. More formal settings would include salad forks, soup spoons and butter knives. Place all the utensils on either side of the plate from the outside going in, in the order that they will be used. That way, even if guests aren’t familiar with the setting, they’ll know instinctively which ones to reach for.

Though you would like your tables to fit perfectly into your theme it is great for them to also add something to the overall decor. After all, your guests will be looking at the tables for the rest of the night, it’d be nice for them to find something new each time.You can add a few fresh flowers in a different color then your basic color scheme or in different shades of a color your using. You can also find ways to add little pops of color with the napkin holders or the trimming of your menus.

Adding a touch of romance and creativity to your table settings can do nothing but multiply the love and beauty in the room. The soft glow from candle light always makes you and the room you’re in feel romantic, use candles that match your color scheme to add to your tables. The candles will work best for your decor if the lights are low and the candle glow can dominate. Being creative when it comes to your table settings is always a great thing, you will never see any two table settings that are exactly alike and this is due to the many different and creative ways your table can be used.

Take a look at a few galleries to decide what looks you like the best and how you will utilize the different elements to design the table of your dreams.



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