Unique Ways to get Married in Vegas

Though Las Vegas has been the home of the quick and easy wedding for many years you can still find great ways to marry there. If you and your future husband/wife are looking to marry in Vegas but you’re not interested in a quick drive thru wedding or even an Elvis featured chapel wedding we have a few great suggestions for you.

For starters if you’re a fan of any particular hotel or resort in Vegas you can contact them for information about their destination wedding packages. The majority of packages will include a limo service, wedding flowers ,a photographer , video services, and venue fees. Most resorts have a wedding planner on staff that you can consult with in order to assure that your wedding will be everything that you deemed of and more.

For a more intimate setting you can visit any of the reputable chapels in Vegas. Yes that sounds like the typical Vegas wedding, but you can find plenty of ways to make it your own. For example, the chapel of flowers in Vegas offers a variety of chapels as well as a garden and gazebo. The chapels grounds include a beautiful waterfall surrounded by fragrant flowers, it’s the perfect place for those looking for plenty of romance.

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Well Vegas surely has plenty of that to offer along with the romance. How about a getting married over the illuminated Las Vegas strip at night in a helicopter. Maverick helicopters has a wedding package that includes a limo that will take you to and from the terminal, a bridal bouquet, a boutonniere, a bottle of champagne, and your own photographer. This package ensures you and your significant other will have an amazing night in Vegas. Ultimate thrill-seekers can get married wile diving out of a plane over the desert, talk about taking the plunge!

Whatever you choose to do to mark the day that you will be married is completely up to you, just make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy looking back on many years from now. Once your wedding is over take a look at the many different things there are to do around Vegas. Be sure to make your honeymoon as exciting as your big day.


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