Finding Something Blue

         Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

             There have been plenty of time’s where we have seen a bride interpret these words in the same traditional fashion ;the handkerchief is old, the dress is new, the earrings are borrowed and  the garter is blue.But being that it is your wedding it is your turn to spin those words to your own liking.

            We aren’t really sure why the blue garter is a must , but we do know it’s still popular for the modern wedding. While a lacy blue garter is a valid option , there are a few other alternatives to choose from.

How about a pair of pretty blue shoes for the bride?

Or the bride may choose to wear a special set of blue sapphire jewelry?

Beautiful blue flowers can be a beautiful addition to the bride’s ensemble.

And if you’re interested in a little bit of drama then a pretty blue fascinator will surely fit the bill.

Though there are a few alternatives listed the possibilities are endless.Your “something blue” can be fashionable or personal, either way it is your’s. ENJOY!!!


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