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Winter Wonderland Decor

Winter Wonderland wedding are very common around this time of year in the colder regions of the world. However, properly executing these weddings is not always as easy as it seems. Following a few simple steps will assure that your big day will be all that you hoped for.

What to wear?

Select a pure white gown perhaps with a white faux fur trim. Gold or silver beading would also look nice and reflect the light as you walk down the aisle.If the wedding dress you choose is simple and form-fitting, consider wearing a white, hooded cloak with white faux fur trim and carrying a white fur muff, rather than a bouquet.A gold or silver dress would also look stunning. Wear a gold or silver tiara instead of a headpiece and veil.Rather than black, select a white tuxedo with a gold or silver-colored vest and bow tie.Simple white gowns with gold or silver trim or beading. A straight cloak with white faux fur trim, or ones that are edged in gold or silver trim.Shimmering gold or silver dresses would also provide a lovely contrast to the bride’s pure white dress and is in keeping with this winter wonderland wedding theme.

It’s the decor that sets the proper theme setting when it comes to winter wonderland wedding ideas. Here are some suggestions to transform your reception:

  • Get some large, willow branches if possible (if you can’t find these then use regular tree branches). Spray paint all the branches white. Then lightly spray paint some branches with gold glitter paint and some with silver glitter paint. Set the branches in buckets filled with sand or gravel. Cover the outside of the buckets with shimmering gold and silver-colored fabric, gathered up near the rim and secure with a length of white ribbon and a beautiful bow. String small, twinkling lights throughout the branches and place the “trees” throughout the room.
  • Make or buy various sizes of white and silver snowflakes. Hang from the ceiling.
  • Cover tables in a white tablecloth. Add smaller accent cloths of gold and silver. Another thing you can do is leave the white tablecloth as is and sprinkle some gold and silver confetti around the center of the table.
  • For the budget-minded couple, create balloon bouquets of silver, white and gold balloons. Use white curly ribbon to tie the balloons together, leaving streamers of ribbon hanging down. Secure the bouquets to some sort of weight (such as tying it to bricks sprayed white, gold or silver or covered in cloth).

For most of your winter wedding reception centerpieces and decor, stick with a pure white and then add in a few enhancements of silver or gold.

  • Buy plain wicker baskets and spray paint some baskets in white, some in gold and some in silver. Tie a large bow to the handle or glue a length of ribbon around the basked and glue a bow on one side. Fill with gold, white and silver Christmas balls. You could follow the same basic idea, except use clear glass bowls instead of baskets, so the balls show through.
  • Use a small glass bowl and fill with glass beads or white gel beads. Set a several small votive or pillar candles into the bowl nestled within the beads.
  • Use elegant white flowers arranged in a simple white vase. Tie gold and silver ribbons around the neck allowing the streamers to hang down. You may also wish to have the flower tips dipped in a gold and silver dye.
  • Place a mirror in the center of the table and arrange 3 wine glasses of different heights on the mirror. Fill with water and float a white flower in each. Sprinkle some glitter over the mirror and arrange some votive candles underneath the glasses.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Favors:

  • Purchase white Christmas balls. Using glitter paint, write your names on the balls with your wedding date. Glue a small silver or gold bow to the top. This will make a nice remembrance for your guests to hang on their own Christmas trees each year.
  • Take two square pieces of gold or silver colored material and sew together, leaving a small opening at the top. Fill with potpourri and sew opening closed. Add lace, ribbon or other trim to decorate the sachet.
  • Cut a circle of white tulle and fill with candies, chocolate kisses, mints or nuts. Gather the tulle up and secure with silver or gold ribbon.
  • Tie two beeswax candles together with ribbon. Add a small spray of baby’s breath or a flower slipped under the ribbon.

What would a winter wonderland wedding be without an all white cake?

A Bouquet or Substitute:

  • Carry a single white candle with gold and silver ribbon tied around the middle.
  • Use a fur muff.
  • Carry an all white bouquet with accents of gold and silver bouquet jewelry.
  • Carry a single white rose with gold and silver streamers tied to the stem.

Bridesmaids dresses in beautiful fall colors

             Fall can provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding as well as a robust range of rich colors for you to choose from when making decisions for your wedding. Though it’s not the most popular of seasons, you can find a way to make this fall or the next your own by incorporating as much of it into your fall wedding as possible(without over doing it of course).


This earth tone color is both rich and warm, and it brings about the thought of bare tree branches and crisp leaves underfoot. Brown is also flexible, as its wide variety of shades can complement any skin tone.


Green is also a great choice for your fall wedding because you can pick from many different shades of the color in order to bring the outdoors inside on your big day.


Burgundy is a vital color to any fall back drop, there for it is crucial to your wedding plans. This rich shade of red is the perfect image of fall and all of its richness and comfort.


Orange is another vital color to the fall back drop. The warmth of this color reminds you that winter hasn’t dried up all of summers beauty just yet. How perfect would that reminder be as a part of your wedding day?

 Fall colors are by far the most beautiful and rich when incorporated into any wedding.A combination of some of these colors have the ability to add an extra pop to our wedding decor.


Finding Something Blue

         Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

             There have been plenty of time’s where we have seen a bride interpret these words in the same traditional fashion ;the handkerchief is old, the dress is new, the earrings are borrowed and  the garter is blue.But being that it is your wedding it is your turn to spin those words to your own liking.

            We aren’t really sure why the blue garter is a must , but we do know it’s still popular for the modern wedding. While a lacy blue garter is a valid option , there are a few other alternatives to choose from.

How about a pair of pretty blue shoes for the bride?

Or the bride may choose to wear a special set of blue sapphire jewelry?

Beautiful blue flowers can be a beautiful addition to the bride’s ensemble.

And if you’re interested in a little bit of drama then a pretty blue fascinator will surely fit the bill.

Though there are a few alternatives listed the possibilities are endless.Your “something blue” can be fashionable or personal, either way it is your’s. ENJOY!!!

Halloween Wedding Ideas

Though Halloween isn’t seen as the most romantic time of the year , it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a way to make love sprout up around it. Whether you guys share an anniversary during the Halloween season or you’re lovers of all things Halloween there’s a wedding theme out there for you.  I have a few great ways for you to add the spirit of the season to your big day.

          If you’d like to incorporate your wedding dress into the fun, try touches of color and antique embellishments. A dark-hued sash with an embellished brooch would look chic. Try a black-net birdcage wedding veil and a pair of to-the-wrist gloves, or antique jewelry for even more drama.

Pair your vintage dress with a dramatic Victorian up-do, this is sure to add to the drama of your look. If you’d rather wear your hair down have your stylist create a loose half-up style with long, flowing curls pulled back with an antique bejeweled hairpin.

Try and keep your makeup sophisticated, with that being said it does not mean that you can’t be dramatic. Fantasy makeup is great for the Halloween season. Consider deep plum eyeliner and shadow, or a rich raspberry color for your lips. However, to avoid going overboard, choose just one area of the face to highlight. Remember don’t do anything that you will regret when looking at your pictures a year or two from now.


In order to extend the Halloween chic theme to your venue you can go with an all black reception. The black linens in a heavy velvet material or something similar will add to the “goolish” feel of Halloween without making your guests feel awkward. Accent the table with silver chargers , bold flower arrangements, and candles will brighten up the table enough so that your reception isn’t mistaken for anything to dark and mysterious.

Try infusing Halloween into your menu and even the drinks served at the bar. Ask your caterer to craft a signature drink for your event and serve it to all of your guests throughout cocktail hour and the reception. You can also infuse pumpkins into many of your menu items because it is so versatile. Try things like pumpkin bread or a pumpkin spread for the dinner rolls. You can even throw a pumpkin pie in there for dessert!

Allow your guests to join in on the fun and wear costumes too. Include a photo booth at the wedding so your guests can go in and enjoy taking pics with you and other guests. Your guests will feel like a big part of your wedding day, especially when they see the pictures in a scrap/wedding book later. Another crafty idea; let the guests receive key chain versions of their pictures as a very personal wedding favor.

No matter how you choose to incorporate this spooky season into your wedding just remember that you’ll be looking at these pictures for the rest of your life, so make sure you’re happy with every little detail.


Beautiful Wedding Destinations

When it come to planning a destination wedding you two as a couple must make many decisions . However, the most important and often the first step in this process is deciding where you will have your guests travel to enjoy your wedding. Sometimes couples choose locations inside the U.S. while others choose to travel abroad for their big day. There are arguably thousands of beautiful wedding locations all over the world but everyone has their favorites, including us!

In the heart of one of the busiest cities in the world there is the calm Central Park. This park has proven to be a beautiful backdrop for your wedding in any season with an array of grottos , formal gardens, and beautiful fountains. With so many options for you to choose from it would be rather easy for you to center your wedding around any given part of the park. The surrounding city also serves as a wonderful experience for your guests who have never been to New York City.

As one of the top botanical gardens in the country , Chicago’s botanical gardens has plenty to offer for your perfect wedding.You and your guests can take in the beautiful sights and smells of the freshly bloomed flowers at your spring wedding. A favorite of many visitors is the rose terrace, so you can showcase that terrace during your cocktail hour or even at your reception.

This beautiful destination in San Antonio, TX , affectionately known as Marriage Island is known for its architecture and beautiful scenery. This island in the middle of San Antonio’s Riverwalk is a popular location for weddings hence the name. The island is most beautiful in December when the trees are decorated in 100,000 twinkling lights.

For those of you who would like to go international on your wedding day , Inverlochy Castle in Fort William, Scotland is sure to please. There isn’t a bride around that will deny that getting married in such a grand castle makes her feel like a princess.When she spent a week at Inverlochy in 1873, Queen Victoria wrote “I never saw a lovelier or more romantic spot.” While you and your guests simply enjoy the sites of such a beautiful location you can also enjoy the period decor that adorns the castle as well as wonderful gourmet cuisine.

Most couples choose a destination such as an island so that they can enjoy their wedding and honeymoon without having to pack again for another day of traveling. This is where this beautiful jewel in the Indian Ocean comes in, Mauritius is sure to please all of your senses. If getting married on a beautiful island isn’t enough the beautiful white sand beaches will be sure to engage you and your guests. And when the day is over you will be able to retreat to your private bungalow on the beach, is there anything else you even have to know?

Whether  you choose to stay in the U.S. for your wedding or go abroad your there are plenty of destinations that will lend plenty of inspiration to your wedding.


Celebrity Weddings

When they aren’t spending time finding new ways to entertain the masses celebrity’s also have down time. Some use them to relax and spend time with their own families and some use it to fall in love and then of course get married. The most beautiful of celebrity wedding occur in the summer and though the summer is not over yet a few celebrities have kicked of the summer with their beautiful and surprisingly simple and classic weddings

Kicking off the summer weddings was Victoria secrets model Lily Aldridge and Kings of Leon singer Caleb Followill on May 12, 2011 in Montecito , CA .The couple exchanged vows at sunset in front of a small group of friends and family at the San Ysidro ranch.Both the bride and groom changed their attire after the ceremony to some much more relaxed attire. After that they shared dinner with their guests in front of the outside fireplace under the summer evening sky. Though this couple is very well-known you will find that they did things very low-key and intimate , a welcome aversion from their day-to-day lives.

The next beautiful summer wedding of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton was one that featured plenty of southern comfort.This couple wed on May 14, 2011 in front of a large group of wedding guests. The Bride and her bridesmaids paired beautiful cowboy boots with their dresses while the groom paired some wrangler jeans with his suit jacket, vest , and tie. Their ceremony took place in a candle-lit barn filled with plenty of country accents like rustic glass , twigs , and honeysuckle. The couple recited vows while standing on a cowhide rug beneath an arch made of antlers. At the conclusion of the vows, they walked back up the aisle to “Happy Trails” and hopped into Lambert’s red ’55 Chevy truck to head to the reception. They were met by the bridal party who took hay rides to the party.

This next simply beautiful summer wedding is that of Tamera Mowry and Adam Housely. This duo married in Napa, CA. on May 15, 2011 , while the bride wore a classic white strapless gown the groom paired his tuxedo with converse’s. During the ceremony the couple paid homage to their parents by presenting them all with long-stemmed roses. After the ceremony was over the happy couple went on to their rustic wine country inspired reception. Their reception featured decorated wooden farm tables , beautiful pale pink and white flowers, and hundreds of candles. Their wedding also featured late night snacks of cupcakes as well as a taco truck when the guests were leaving.

As if the above weddings stressed less is most definitely more when it comes to your wedding. So if your going to draw inspiration from a celebrity wedding please remember that at times extravagance can be spared. ENJOY!!!

Wacky Wedding Dresses

In the world of amazing wedding dresses there are more than a few dresses that have the ability to make your guests stop and take million’s of pictures, and not for the right reasons. A bride’s personal style has the strong ability to come out when she’s picking out her bridal gown , this is not always a good thing for the women who is lacking in the style department, classic style anyway.

The biggest mistake that you can ever make as a bride is picking out a dress that is way too revealing for your wedding day. It is perfectly acceptable to want to be sexy on your big day but you must do so with class. The picture shown here is an example of how sexy can turn to trashy really fast, you must remember that the two of you and possibly your children have to look at these pictures years down the line. With that being said, you don’t want to have to kick yourself and say “what was I thinking?!”. In addition you don’t want to shock your grandparents or his when you show up to the church in a number like this one, then you’d be making a spectacle of yourself.

Ok so your husband loves sport’s, what does that have to do with your wedding? Absolutely nothing,  unless it’s incorporated into a beautiful grooms cake. In this bride’s opinion it has so much to do with her wedding that she incorporated it into her wedding dress. This is also something you should not do, other than the fact that it just doesn’t look good , it makes for a pretty tacky wedding picture. Your guest’s were expecting to see you in a beautiful wedding gown, not a basketball team’s jersey.

Are you a care-free bride that enjoys being comfortable and being able to actually breath in your dress? Great, but this like many other things has its limit’s. Tattered jeans are cool and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you should apply the same idea to your dress. Your guest’s will understand if you changed into something more comfortable for the reception , or even if your dress wasn’t as traditional as others, but they probably will not understand what you were doing with a piece like this one.The real question is will you even understand it when you look at your photo album a few years from now.

Extravagance is great, but like all things, too much of it can be bad for you. There is no need to try to out-do the late Princess Diana at your wedding either. At roughly 26 feet her veil was extremely long for even royal standards. There is no need to revive the bad trend, it was the 80’s and should be left there. In modern times your guest’s are probably going to wonder what you and your designer were thinking ( because there is no way you got a dress like this off the rack). Not to mention that your wedding party would have to be 20+ just for your train or veil alone, that’s a long wedding ceremony.

If you’re not sure of what kind of dress  you should be looking for then bring a friend or two along with you, and a voice of reason for good measure. It is best to know exactly what will work for you when you are looking for that perfect dress. Happy Shopping!!!!