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Wedding Transport Ideas

Getting yourself and the bridal party to and from the wedding venue’s is rather important in the grand scheme of things. Though everybody does it not everyone will do it the exact same way.

Horse and Carriage

A horse-drawn carriage screams romance and is perfect for a fairytale or Victorian themed wedding. However, you must be sure to find alternate transportation for your wedding party if everyone will not fit. I don’t think these come in a stretch version.

Vintage Automobiles

Beautiful vintage cars are always in style and they make for gorgeous photos. A beautiful vintage Rolls-Royce is one that is mostly used for weddings due to its sophisticated and glamorous look and feel.Again, you may have to find alternate  transportation for your bridal party because this vehicle will most likely only fit the bride and groom.


This is the classic mode of wedding transportation. It’s less of a headache because everyone will surely fit. There are many different variations on a limo from luxury to town car and from stretch sedan’s to stretch SUV’s. The choice of which style of limo depends more on your personal taste and the size of your wedding party.

A Party Bus

This is another option that will assure that your entire party will fit and then some, these buses usually vary in size and can seat up to 45 people depending on the size. Depending on your personal taste and budget you can get anything from the basic party bus to a glam’d up ready to rock bus.

There are many other choices when it comes to choosing how you’ll get back and forth to your wedding, these few selections just scratch the surface of your many options.




Wedding Programs

Wedding programs are a wonderful way to help your friends and family follow the ceremony and understand the wedding traditions you’re incorporating, plus they can take theirs home as a keepsake. The key to crafting a good wedding program? Think practically and creatively.

What’s in them?

No matter what design you choose for your wedding programs, consider adding the following elements:

  • The full names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and the city and state where the wedding is taking place
  • The order of the wedding ceremony, including the musical selections , the composers, and the performers, as well as readings, the source or author, and the readers
  • The name of the officiant
  • For both religious and non religious ceremonies , it’s important to keep guests aware by briefly explaining traditions, rituals, and ethic customs
  • If you wish to honor deceased loved ones, you can include a memorial on the back page with a photograph, a memory, poem, or quote.
Making Them Your Own

Your wedding program is an opportunity to tell guests a little more about you as a couple and to set the tone for the rest of the event. The easiest way to personalize your programs is to add special touches such as favorite poems, quotes, or photographs. Here are some creative examples:

  • Extending an old-world European theme with programs printed on marbled parchment paper rolled into scrolls and tied with a sage-green ribbon and a sprig of eucalyptus.
  • Two actors created a Playbill for their programs: a booklet complete with The Players (each attendant’s picture and a short bio), a description of Acts (the ceremony events), and a Producers’ Note (a letter to guests from the bride and groom).
  • High school sweethearts reprinted their senior prom picture on vellum and used it to top the program, setting a lighthearted, playful mood.

Making Them

Whether you choose to create a program that’s bound with a wax seal or a single sheet of paper, there are four basic ways to make your wedding day programs.

  • Set up an arts-and-crafts station in your home, complete with colorful papers, ribbon, and decorations, and host a bridal party DIY night.
  • Create them using template designs from a computer program. With the right program, you can create almost anything .
  • Have them crafted by a professional designer.
  • Purchase a DIY kit from a company like Paper Source. All you have to do is follow the directions and put the programs together.

Beware!!!! DIY programs can be a time-consuming and expensive process, especially if you get hung up on technical details, so do a test run. Time how long it takes to put together a single program before deciding to make them yourself

Handing Them Out

Because wedding programs can come in unusual shapes, sizes, and colors, they can be presented in various ways. Here are some ideas:

  • Fill baskets, tin pails, or antique trays (whatever fits your wedding best) with programs and place them at the entrance to your ceremony site. Guests can grab one as they arrive.
  • For an outdoor wedding, put a program on each chair and set something on top of them that again will accentuate your wedding decor so they will not blow away.
  • Have your ushers hand guests a program right before they’re seated.

No matter what you choose to do with your programs and how you choose to present your wedding to your guests make sure that it will make you happy to look back on in the future. ENJOY!!!

What to Wear ~ Groom’s & Attendants

On the day of the wedding, the groom and his attendants rent their suit from a formal attire shop to ensure the same style and color of suits. The groom’s suit should complement the bridal gown.

The groom wears a suit with a white shirt and a bow tie or neck tie and a corsage in his jacket lapel. Modern day grooms are choosing to wear colors that will blend in with the rest of the bridal party or the flowers, whether it be their shirt or tie or with an added vest. The colors for the bride’s attendants should be decided before you organize the colors for the male attendants. As with the bride, the groom should stand out from the rest of his attendants. The groom’s outfit can differ from his attendants through the use of a colored vest, tie or shirt.

The groomsmen can complement the bridesmaids by wearing a cummerbund or shirt in the same colour as the bridesmaids gowns. This has a great effect for photographs and when they are in line for official duties. You may choose to have their accessories of similar colour to the groom, but remember that the groom needs to stand out from his attendants.

As with the bride’s attendants, the groomsmen are responsible for the cost of their suit hire and for any other accessories. The groom and his attendants need to go shopping together to tailors or suit rental shops to ensure that everyone is happy with the selection. Arrange to have regular fittings and a final fitting no later than a week before the wedding.The groom and his attendants normally all wear the same color shoes, traditionally black, but not necessarily of the same style. If possible, take the shoes along to the first fitting to see if different shoe styles are suitable.

No matter what the groom and his attendants choose to wear on your wedding day it should give the bridal party a beautiful yet uniformed look .ENJOY!!!

Bridal Bouquet Preservation.

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life, and you’d do anything to make sure you remember it all. While pictures and videos can do a great job with helping you relive those moments, you can also take something else away from that day, your flowers! Your wedding bouquet can be preserved and displayed so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

    The  Preservation process begins with the drying of your flowers. The drying method you choose depends on your budget and how you want your keepsake to look once it’s complete.

Air Drying:

This is the least expensive as you simply allow your flowers to dry up naturally. Air dried flowers will shrink considerably in size; they will lose their original shape and sometimes they will turn very dark or black. Many people trying to air dry have noticed mold or rotted flowers a few days after the wedding. While roses can be air-dried, lilies and orchids cannot be air-dried.

Flower Pressing:

This is an art form dating back many years. Many years ago heavy books were used to press flowers between their pages. There are flower pressing companies that will create beautiful framed art using flower presses. Framed pressed flowers are flat and allow the use of flat picture frames and other types of flat displays for decorating . If you do not like the look of three-dimensional flowers, then you should consider this drying method.


This drying method can produce good results with some flowers but not all flower varieties, sizes and shapes of flowers can be maintained well in silica sand.  First, check to see if your flower types are known to dry well in silica before selecting this drying method. You will need enough silica sand to bury each flower separately from your bouquet. Flower petals may detach with the weight of sand on the blooms. The cost of purchasing enough silica sand to dry a large wedding bouquet may approach the cost of just selecting a professional service to dry your flowers.


This is the latest technology for wedding bouquet preservation. Orchids, lilies, and all varieties of flowers can be freeze-dried with near perfect, life-like results. Your flowers will keep most of their size, shape, and color throughout the drying process and look amazingly alive when dried. Unfortunately you cannot do this at home without having an expensive vacuum freeze drying machine. Professional freeze drying of your wedding bouquet will cost more than the other drying methods, but if you would like to save your wedding day blooms using the best drying method, then have your bouquet freeze-dried. The fee to freeze dry a wedding bouquet may not be much more than if you purchase enough silica sand to attempt the drying yourself.

Preservation begins with the drying method used but preservation is really the methods and materials used to prolong and keep your flowers for years to come once they are dried.The better the drying method, the better preservation encapsulation your flowers should have. Proper encapsulation in “sealed” preservation framing ensures that the flowers will last their longest after they are dried. Not all flower drying companies may provide this level of preservation for your wedding flowers.

Honeymoon at Sea

Vacations are nice, but none can compare to the romance and pure joy derived from a honeymoon. A honeymoon at sea is even greater because it’s so easy to plan and you get to see a variety of places for the cost of one trip. Most cruise lines and airlines may offer you little perks if you tell them it’s your honeymoon. For example , your cruise line may get you into that coveted dinner for two at the late dinner and your airline may put you on the standby list for a business class upgrade.

Though we all love free extras you shouldn’t expect any cruise line to bend over backward for you. After all you’re probably not the only honeymooners on the ship. But even then you can purchase specific packages from your cruise line to assure that you and your spouse enjoy the vacation.

Disney cruise line has a great “romantic escapes at sea” package. No you don’t have to be a newlywed in order to book this package but it’s certainly appropriate. You will receive a one hour couples massage , and fresh flowers in your cabin.

Carnival cruise lines gives all newlyweds a wedding cake at dinner on their first night. You can also arrange for the crew to decorate your room with a “congratulations” banner, balloons , and a cake. You can also pre-order a dozen red roses so that they are waiting in your cabin when you arrive. You can also look into the “high seas honeymoon” package which offers all of the perfect tourist trappings ( visors, cameras, T-shirts etc.) and discounted drinks.

Norwegian cruise lines host many honeymooners , so giving away costly freebies isn’t a common occurence. However, you can book one of four packages including the “deluxe celebration” package. This package consists of champagne and strawberries, a couples massage , a body wrap for her , breakfast in bed and in-cabin tea service ( which you’d get anyway), a bridge tour , a framed portrait , and dinner for two in the bistro with wine.

Royal Caribbean cruise lines offer a “classic romance” package. With this package you get a bottle of sparkling wine and canapes for two , pre-dinner canapes and after dinner sweets on the first night, and an 8×10 portrait in a silver plated frame. You can also upgrade to the “grand romance package” , that gets you Veuve clicquot and canapes, flowers, two woven robes, pre-dinner canapes and after dinner sweets on two nights, as well as the framed 8×10 photo.

There are many sea excursions for you and your honey to choose from. Once you’ve narrowed down where you’d like to go and the packages you would enjoy the most you can then discuss pricing.Remember booking early is always cheaper.



An Eco-friendly invite or announcement can set the tone for your green wedding. There are many options for 100% recycled, partially recycled, or completely tree free papers from wedding stationary suppliers.

Think about it, you will use more paper then you even realize for your wedding:

  • Engagement Announcements
  • Save the date cards
  • Shower Invites
  • Shower Thank you cards
  • Wedding invites
  • Ceremony Programs
  • Place Cards
  • Menu Cards
  • Wedding Announcements
  • Thank you notes
          Because of the many times a bride and groom must communicate with their guests they are finding ways to do it electronically to save on paper and printing costs. This is where wedding websites would come into the picture. There are many styles to choose from and they are fully customizable as well as reasonably priced. There are even options to have your site archived and on CD after the wedding is over.
         If the electronic wave is not for you however, you can explore the man different printing companies that can use eco-friendly paper to send out to your guests. As we all know “green” products are not always wallet friendly so please keep that in mind when you are exploring your stationery options.

Bridesmaids dresses in beautiful fall colors

             Fall can provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding as well as a robust range of rich colors for you to choose from when making decisions for your wedding. Though it’s not the most popular of seasons, you can find a way to make this fall or the next your own by incorporating as much of it into your fall wedding as possible(without over doing it of course).


This earth tone color is both rich and warm, and it brings about the thought of bare tree branches and crisp leaves underfoot. Brown is also flexible, as its wide variety of shades can complement any skin tone.


Green is also a great choice for your fall wedding because you can pick from many different shades of the color in order to bring the outdoors inside on your big day.


Burgundy is a vital color to any fall back drop, there for it is crucial to your wedding plans. This rich shade of red is the perfect image of fall and all of its richness and comfort.


Orange is another vital color to the fall back drop. The warmth of this color reminds you that winter hasn’t dried up all of summers beauty just yet. How perfect would that reminder be as a part of your wedding day?

 Fall colors are by far the most beautiful and rich when incorporated into any wedding.A combination of some of these colors have the ability to add an extra pop to our wedding decor.