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Grooms Cakes

Though the main cake at your reception will be the center of everyone’s attention (outside of the bride of course!!! ). The groom can often feel left out with everyone marveling at his new wife’s beauty and the overall decor of the reception venue. However, things don’t have to be this way the bride can choose her own special way to make the groom feel special on their big day.

Groom’s cakes are usually funny reminder’s of exactly who the groom is and how much the bride adores those things or is willing to put up with them. It can also be something that they enjoy together and a reminder of how they first met if this was not already done for an engagement party cake.

For the most part everyone will be enjoying the main cake at your wedding but you want to assure that the flavor you choose compliments that of your main cake and doesn’t clash with it. Who know’s some guests may want to try both and it’d be better if they went down in harmony. The most interesting thing about a grooms cake is its extraordinary design being that they don’t have to stick to the rigid wedding uniform. Choosing this design will very likely be the most fun you will have with your cakes so enjoy every bit of it, especially if it’s going to be a surprise for your groom.

Grooms cake doesn’t have to adhere to anyone’s rules but its own, and there aren’t any! Your only limitation is your imagination. ENJOY!!!

Winter Wonderland Decor

Winter Wonderland wedding are very common around this time of year in the colder regions of the world. However, properly executing these weddings is not always as easy as it seems. Following a few simple steps will assure that your big day will be all that you hoped for.

What to wear?

Select a pure white gown perhaps with a white faux fur trim. Gold or silver beading would also look nice and reflect the light as you walk down the aisle.If the wedding dress you choose is simple and form-fitting, consider wearing a white, hooded cloak with white faux fur trim and carrying a white fur muff, rather than a bouquet.A gold or silver dress would also look stunning. Wear a gold or silver tiara instead of a headpiece and veil.Rather than black, select a white tuxedo with a gold or silver-colored vest and bow tie.Simple white gowns with gold or silver trim or beading. A straight cloak with white faux fur trim, or ones that are edged in gold or silver trim.Shimmering gold or silver dresses would also provide a lovely contrast to the bride’s pure white dress and is in keeping with this winter wonderland wedding theme.

It’s the decor that sets the proper theme setting when it comes to winter wonderland wedding ideas. Here are some suggestions to transform your reception:

  • Get some large, willow branches if possible (if you can’t find these then use regular tree branches). Spray paint all the branches white. Then lightly spray paint some branches with gold glitter paint and some with silver glitter paint. Set the branches in buckets filled with sand or gravel. Cover the outside of the buckets with shimmering gold and silver-colored fabric, gathered up near the rim and secure with a length of white ribbon and a beautiful bow. String small, twinkling lights throughout the branches and place the “trees” throughout the room.
  • Make or buy various sizes of white and silver snowflakes. Hang from the ceiling.
  • Cover tables in a white tablecloth. Add smaller accent cloths of gold and silver. Another thing you can do is leave the white tablecloth as is and sprinkle some gold and silver confetti around the center of the table.
  • For the budget-minded couple, create balloon bouquets of silver, white and gold balloons. Use white curly ribbon to tie the balloons together, leaving streamers of ribbon hanging down. Secure the bouquets to some sort of weight (such as tying it to bricks sprayed white, gold or silver or covered in cloth).

For most of your winter wedding reception centerpieces and decor, stick with a pure white and then add in a few enhancements of silver or gold.

  • Buy plain wicker baskets and spray paint some baskets in white, some in gold and some in silver. Tie a large bow to the handle or glue a length of ribbon around the basked and glue a bow on one side. Fill with gold, white and silver Christmas balls. You could follow the same basic idea, except use clear glass bowls instead of baskets, so the balls show through.
  • Use a small glass bowl and fill with glass beads or white gel beads. Set a several small votive or pillar candles into the bowl nestled within the beads.
  • Use elegant white flowers arranged in a simple white vase. Tie gold and silver ribbons around the neck allowing the streamers to hang down. You may also wish to have the flower tips dipped in a gold and silver dye.
  • Place a mirror in the center of the table and arrange 3 wine glasses of different heights on the mirror. Fill with water and float a white flower in each. Sprinkle some glitter over the mirror and arrange some votive candles underneath the glasses.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Favors:

  • Purchase white Christmas balls. Using glitter paint, write your names on the balls with your wedding date. Glue a small silver or gold bow to the top. This will make a nice remembrance for your guests to hang on their own Christmas trees each year.
  • Take two square pieces of gold or silver colored material and sew together, leaving a small opening at the top. Fill with potpourri and sew opening closed. Add lace, ribbon or other trim to decorate the sachet.
  • Cut a circle of white tulle and fill with candies, chocolate kisses, mints or nuts. Gather the tulle up and secure with silver or gold ribbon.
  • Tie two beeswax candles together with ribbon. Add a small spray of baby’s breath or a flower slipped under the ribbon.

What would a winter wonderland wedding be without an all white cake?

A Bouquet or Substitute:

  • Carry a single white candle with gold and silver ribbon tied around the middle.
  • Use a fur muff.
  • Carry an all white bouquet with accents of gold and silver bouquet jewelry.
  • Carry a single white rose with gold and silver streamers tied to the stem.

Winter Wedding Ideas

Planning a winter wedding does not mean that you have to go with an over-used christmas or holiday season theme. You can find a simple way to incorporate the season into your wedding day without suffocating your guests with holiday season.

Cocktail Hour

Incorporating the season into cocktail hour is super easy, offering up some warmth as your guests arrive to the reception location is always great. You can do this by offering hot chocolate and warm apple cider or even special adult beverages that will surely keep your guests warm.

The Cake

Winter cakes can sometimes become uniform, but the bigger your bakers imagination the better the cake. Your baker can make a winter wonderland on your cake by using plenty of different elements to reflect any desired image.

The Favors

Your wedding favors give your guests a little piece of your big day to take home so make it good. Winter treats are always good but don’t limit yourself to food. Also try things like winter essentials that allow your guests to enjoy the winter season, try warm booties or luxurious bath salts.

The overall Decor

And of course if your just so in love with winter that you cant help but to immerse yourself and your guests into everything that is winter, then so be it. But please be sure to do it tastefully. Your guests will appreciate a beautiful winter wonderland if and when it is done right.

Incorporating the winter into your big day isn’t hard at all with a little effort and class you can pull it off.


Autumn Wedding Cakes.

Fall weddings are usually known to feature beautiful and rich autumn colors and fruits that come to life in the fall. But like a wedding in any season, you want your decor to emulate the beauty of the season at its best, but how? The most common way to tie all of your wedding details and decor together is the cake. The perfect autumn cakes can certainly wow your guests , here are a few ideas for great designs this season.



This large three-tiered autumn wedding cake is sure to add to the classic autumn wedding. It is  decorated with white buttercream scroll work, hand crafted orange fondant autumn leaves and fondant fruits and nuts.



Oozing with romance, this three-tier dream is more appropriate for a smaller wedding. The white and beige, lacy wedding cake is decorated with green, orange and yellow autumn leaves.





This huge round four-tier fall themed wedding cake is decorated with edible hand crafted fondant leaves and airbrushed white chocolate fruit. The bottom tier is a square cake with the focus being on the hand crafted fondant fruit and leaves accents.




This is a simple white three-tier cake with autumn leaves . The leaves are yellow, orange, brown, tan and green. Decorated with satin white ribbon around each tier.





And for those who have a taste for the dramatic, this three-tier wedding cake is for you. It is hand painted and airbrushed in autumn theme earthy colours and decorations and embellished with burnt orange/red fresh roses.




Though the ideas and designs are vast, there is a design for everyone’s taste. Your baker can even take pieces of many designs and incorporate them into one breath-taking cake. The most popular cake flavor for the fall is carrot cake because of the way it speaks to the autumn feel and colors.


How to pick the perfect wedding cake.

Picking your perfect wedding cake can be stressful, especially when you’re not sure where you should start. However, it’s not as hard as it seems, if you are able to decide what you would like and what you can afford that is half the battle.

First of all, you should consider whether you will adhere to a strict budget or if you will have some wiggle room as far as the budget is concerned. Once you set that amount firmly in your mind it will be easier for you to determine what range you can and will stay in when your choosing the style and extravagance of your cake.

Even if it’s too early for all of your guests to have “RSVP’d” try to have a number in mind of how many guests you will be expecting. The more guests you have the bigger the cake needs to be, assume that everyone you invited will be accepting your invite. This will give you an exact number for how many your cake will need to feed.

See if anyone you know can recommend a baker that they have enjoyed, this will make it easier to narrow down a specific style of cake. Take a look at some catalogs and attend any local bridal fairs (which usually occur in the first few months of the year) , if no one can recommend a baker they loved.

Make an appointment at one or two of the bakeries you like in order to have a cake tasting. At this cake tasting the bakery will offer you and the person who accompanies you samples of their cakes and fillings. This will give you an idea of the things you want to include in your cake and what bakery best matches your taste preference.

Keep in mind the cake preferences of both you, your mate, and your close family and friends. This will allow you to pick out a cake that everyone will love and it will not be wasted. Though you want to keep these things in mind, you should also take into consideration new flavor combinations.

Once you’ve gotten through these simple steps all that is left is to choose your favorite baker out of the one’s you sampled.Once you choose one you can discuss everything from specific designs to delivery and assembly arrangements. ENJOY!!!

Wedding Disasters and How to Solve Them

With all of the planning that goes into your wedding day you don’t expect anything to go wrong, until it does. Instead of freaking out and ruining your big day over minor mishaps you can find ways to amend each and every situation.

1. Rain on your wedding day , when you have outdoor venue.

No one wants rain on their wedding day no matter how lucky anyone tells you it is. When searching for an outdoor venue make sure that the location also has an indoor venue for just in case purposes. If you can, secure both the indoor and outdoor venues at that location. However, If you cannot it would be wise to invest in tents and plenty of umbrellas for your guests. If you can help it choose a wedding date that isn’t in the “rain season” if you absolutely must have an outdoor wedding.

2. You wake up with a huge zit on your wedding day.

Trust me, it is not the end of the world and you will not ruin your pictures.You can use items like Preparation H or Visine in order to reduce redness and swelling. The most important thing you need to remember is not to pop any zits, this only makes it harder for the make-up artist to cover up.If you still do not feel comfortable with the make up covering your zit in your pictures you and your photographer can talk about ways to hide it. This can be done by choosing specific angles and distances to shoot from, yes it may require some more work but it will pay off in your photos.

3. Your Bridesmaids dresses don’t fit.

Yes most would assume that this should not be a problem due to multiple dress fittings but it can happen. In order to cover up an undone button or zipper that will only zip halfway have your bridesmaids get matching wraps. This allows for them to wear them down the aisle in the event that anyone’s dress is too snug.If you are worried about the wraps being in your pictures have your bridesmaids either take them off or wear them in one specific way .With the matching wraps your bridesmaids will even look coordinated when they are a bit chilly at then of the night.

4. You forget the rings/marriage license.

Of all the disaster to occur on your wedding day this is the most common of them all. You can avoid this happening by handing both the rings and the marriage license to your maid of honor and best man the night before at the rehearsal dinner. However, this is not a fool proof approach either. In the event that they are left home anyway designate a close friend or family member that is not apart of the wedding party to go home and grab the items for you just incase they are left.

5. Your cake melts of collapses.

This is one that happens far to often for professional comfort. If you are afraid that your tall cake will not survive the entire night see if the venue’s staff can store it in their walk in fridge until dinner time. You should also consider choosing fondant instead of buttercream frosting if you plan to have your reception in a humid or warm atmosphere. You should also discuss the conditions of the environment with the cakes baker so that they can assure the sturdiness of your sugary confection.

Doing simple things to cover yourself in case of emergency is always an important part of having a drama free day.




Wedding Cake Alternatives

In today’s weddings the bride and groom are choosing to take the usual wedding traditions and twist them in their own unique ways. For instance they are finding alternatives to the traditional white wedding cake. Below are several of the most popular alternatives.

The most popular of the alternatives is a small wedding cake that is accentuated by enough cupcakes to feed your wedding guests. This option allows the newlyweds the option to still participate in the ceremonial cutting of the cake. It also gives the wedding guests an option in cake and frosting flavors. These mini works of art can be placed on a tiered cake pedestal or decoratively placed on the “wedding cake table” , either way these personalized wedding snacks are sure to cause a splash.

If you are tired of the traditional wedding cake but are over the cupcake craze you could try something known as  “cakeshooters” . These new treats are designed to look like push-pops and are filled with cake , flavored icing, and traditional cake toppings. With this option couples can customize the packaging with their own wedding logo and their names. They are also available in gluten free and vegan options which is always a plus!!!

If your wedding is in the summer season this next treat would probably be of most interest to you. A cool ice cream bar in lou of a traditional heavy pastry is ideal for the summer time because your guest will be able to have a cool and customizable treat that will not weigh them down when it’s time to dance. When going with an ice cream bar the options are endless because you can include everyone’s favorite toppings as well as some healthy choices like frozen yogurt and fresh fruit.

Another delightful treat in a late autumn or winter wedding would be a dessert barista. When the weather becomes a little frosty your guests are going to need some help warming up especially if your ceremony and reception aren’t in the same venue. It would be best to assure that your barista’s station is fully stocked with flavored syrup’s, various milk options and ofcourse desserts like gourmet cupcakes and chocolate-dipped biscotti’s. For an extra splash of fun you can also incorporate tasty coffee mixers for the adult sippers.

This next selection is not at all the usual selection for a wedding treat but it is sure to amaze. It is called a croquembouche (pronounce it croke-em-boosh ), it is a traditional french pastry that consists of a paper cone covered with fluffy cream-filled choux pastries or macarons and drizzled with chocolate syrup and caramel. With a description like that who needs to hear anything else? This treat is sure to serenade the eye’s and tongue’s of all your guest’s.

And last but absolutely not least is the delightful dessert breakfast bar. When your reception has run well into the night and is spilling over into the next morning a breakfast bar is a wonderful parting gift to both your guest’s and your wedding party. This may be the oldest of all of the alternatives but arguably one of the best. This alternative not only keeps your guests partying into the next day with you, it ensures that they’ll have a full belly to sleep on when they finally do make it home. Waffles, bacon, eggs, maybe some fresh fruit (you can even recycle some toppings from your ice cream bar if there’s any left), what else could be better to end a great night of festivities?

Colorful Wedding Ideas!!!

As the winter reluctantly gives way to spring and spring slowly blooms into summer, winter white weddings are giving way to much more colorful weddings. These fun in the sun weddings feature spontaneous pop’s of color in the brides bouquet, the wedding decor, the cake, and even the wedding parties attire.

A few suggestions for successfully placing a perfect amount of color into your bridal parties attire is to replace the classic groom’s boutinnere with one that features more color or an unusual selction for a classic boutnnaire. Another is to add some color and style to the usually unflattering bridesmaids dresses. The bride can also join in on the fun  by adding color to her footwear and bouquet.

Another way to incorporate beautiful colors into your spring and summer wedding is to make sure that you decorate your wedding and reception venue with items that add to your overall color scheme as well as delight your guests with a wonderland of color palates.

Topping your evening off with a beautiful cake is always important . So to assure that not only do your guests enjoy the decor adding a beautiful cake will make any wedding venue pop and become the center of attention (behind the bride of course). While most couples choose to add color to their event by choosing a classic white wedding cake decorated with edible flowers that are colorful and “springy” , some daring couples choose to take colorful in another direction and mix it with whimsical, this makes for a great conversation piece at the reception.

After all things are in their proper place and are colored to perfection the bride and groom are free to set off into the sunlight ( or moonlight) in color and style.

Plan a Wedding in a Month? That’s Crazy!!!!

A wedding is a time to celebrate your love. Traditionally weddings take six months to a year of planning in advance.  If you need to speed up the process, you can plan a wedding in a month.

Firstly, you need to get organized.  Put together a team will to help you with the tasks.  Many things need to be done so not be afraid to delegate.  Create a budget and stick to it.

Day 1-7:  Check on the marriage license requirements.  Decide on and secure the location.  Mail out your locally purchased the invitations.  Find an officiant. 

Day 8-14:  Begin booking vendors (caterer, photographer, videographer, DJ, transportation, etc.  Choose your bridal party.  Select and/or rent attire.  Decide on and book honeymoon.  Schedule an appointment for hair and makeup.

Day 15-21:  Order your cake.  Arrange your rehearsal dinner. Order your flowers.  Call and confirm vendor participation as well as arrival time.  Purchase wedding rings.

Day 22-28:  Purchase or create favors. Finalize seating plan. Put together all document necessary for traveling.

Day 29-30:  Confirm honeymoon.  Get wedding attire organized.  Rehearse and Dinner.


THE BIG DAY:  Just relax and be happy.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Even the most well-planned event has a few glitches.  Remember it is about the lifetime together not just the day.

Extravagant Cakes for Extravagant Brides

Some of the most beautiful wedding cake creations cost a fortune and I do mean a fortune.  The quality of the ingredients, the sheer size and intricacy of detail and the addition of jewels and precious stones can make your dream cake impractical.  These things often place these most extravagant cakes only on the tables of the very wealthy.  Gaze at some of the world’s extravagant wedding cake designs. 

One of most expensive jeweled wedding cakes was unveiled in Beverly Hills at the Luxury Brands Bridal Show.  This diamond-studded wedding cake was created by Mimi So Jewelers and cake designer Nahid La Patisserie Artistique.  The cake is embellished with diamonds both  exclusive and priceless.  The cake wasn’t meant to be edible or even touched.  The diamond-studded masterpiece was said to be worth $20 million when it was unveiled in 2006.

 Delicious Cakes and Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange collaborated to create this stunning and expensive nine tier confection.  As another of the world’s most expensive wedding cakes, it was adorned with 1,200 carats of diamond and precious gemstone, at a cost of $1.3 million. This fabulous jeweled cake was the star in the annual Dallas Bridal Show in 2010. This cake was designed to be edible (after the removal of the diamond and precious gemstone embellishments) but not touched.

These luxurious yet costly confections were not meant for the faint of heart or for a bride on a budget. They were designed as novelty, fantasy cakes.  Use these designs as inspiration to create your own extraordinary wedding cake to fit your budget.