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Bridesmaids dresses in beautiful fall colors

             Fall can provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding as well as a robust range of rich colors for you to choose from when making decisions for your wedding. Though it’s not the most popular of seasons, you can find a way to make this fall or the next your own by incorporating as much of it into your fall wedding as possible(without over doing it of course).


This earth tone color is both rich and warm, and it brings about the thought of bare tree branches and crisp leaves underfoot. Brown is also flexible, as its wide variety of shades can complement any skin tone.


Green is also a great choice for your fall wedding because you can pick from many different shades of the color in order to bring the outdoors inside on your big day.


Burgundy is a vital color to any fall back drop, there for it is crucial to your wedding plans. This rich shade of red is the perfect image of fall and all of its richness and comfort.


Orange is another vital color to the fall back drop. The warmth of this color reminds you that winter hasn’t dried up all of summers beauty just yet. How perfect would that reminder be as a part of your wedding day?

 Fall colors are by far the most beautiful and rich when incorporated into any wedding.A combination of some of these colors have the ability to add an extra pop to our wedding decor.



Wedding Disasters and How to Solve Them

With all of the planning that goes into your wedding day you don’t expect anything to go wrong, until it does. Instead of freaking out and ruining your big day over minor mishaps you can find ways to amend each and every situation.

1. Rain on your wedding day , when you have outdoor venue.

No one wants rain on their wedding day no matter how lucky anyone tells you it is. When searching for an outdoor venue make sure that the location also has an indoor venue for just in case purposes. If you can, secure both the indoor and outdoor venues at that location. However, If you cannot it would be wise to invest in tents and plenty of umbrellas for your guests. If you can help it choose a wedding date that isn’t in the “rain season” if you absolutely must have an outdoor wedding.

2. You wake up with a huge zit on your wedding day.

Trust me, it is not the end of the world and you will not ruin your pictures.You can use items like Preparation H or Visine in order to reduce redness and swelling. The most important thing you need to remember is not to pop any zits, this only makes it harder for the make-up artist to cover up.If you still do not feel comfortable with the make up covering your zit in your pictures you and your photographer can talk about ways to hide it. This can be done by choosing specific angles and distances to shoot from, yes it may require some more work but it will pay off in your photos.

3. Your Bridesmaids dresses don’t fit.

Yes most would assume that this should not be a problem due to multiple dress fittings but it can happen. In order to cover up an undone button or zipper that will only zip halfway have your bridesmaids get matching wraps. This allows for them to wear them down the aisle in the event that anyone’s dress is too snug.If you are worried about the wraps being in your pictures have your bridesmaids either take them off or wear them in one specific way .With the matching wraps your bridesmaids will even look coordinated when they are a bit chilly at then of the night.

4. You forget the rings/marriage license.

Of all the disaster to occur on your wedding day this is the most common of them all. You can avoid this happening by handing both the rings and the marriage license to your maid of honor and best man the night before at the rehearsal dinner. However, this is not a fool proof approach either. In the event that they are left home anyway designate a close friend or family member that is not apart of the wedding party to go home and grab the items for you just incase they are left.

5. Your cake melts of collapses.

This is one that happens far to often for professional comfort. If you are afraid that your tall cake will not survive the entire night see if the venue’s staff can store it in their walk in fridge until dinner time. You should also consider choosing fondant instead of buttercream frosting if you plan to have your reception in a humid or warm atmosphere. You should also discuss the conditions of the environment with the cakes baker so that they can assure the sturdiness of your sugary confection.

Doing simple things to cover yourself in case of emergency is always an important part of having a drama free day.




Celebrity Weddings

When they aren’t spending time finding new ways to entertain the masses celebrity’s also have down time. Some use them to relax and spend time with their own families and some use it to fall in love and then of course get married. The most beautiful of celebrity wedding occur in the summer and though the summer is not over yet a few celebrities have kicked of the summer with their beautiful and surprisingly simple and classic weddings

Kicking off the summer weddings was Victoria secrets model Lily Aldridge and Kings of Leon singer Caleb Followill on May 12, 2011 in Montecito , CA .The couple exchanged vows at sunset in front of a small group of friends and family at the San Ysidro ranch.Both the bride and groom changed their attire after the ceremony to some much more relaxed attire. After that they shared dinner with their guests in front of the outside fireplace under the summer evening sky. Though this couple is very well-known you will find that they did things very low-key and intimate , a welcome aversion from their day-to-day lives.

The next beautiful summer wedding of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton was one that featured plenty of southern comfort.This couple wed on May 14, 2011 in front of a large group of wedding guests. The Bride and her bridesmaids paired beautiful cowboy boots with their dresses while the groom paired some wrangler jeans with his suit jacket, vest , and tie. Their ceremony took place in a candle-lit barn filled with plenty of country accents like rustic glass , twigs , and honeysuckle. The couple recited vows while standing on a cowhide rug beneath an arch made of antlers. At the conclusion of the vows, they walked back up the aisle to “Happy Trails” and hopped into Lambert’s red ’55 Chevy truck to head to the reception. They were met by the bridal party who took hay rides to the party.

This next simply beautiful summer wedding is that of Tamera Mowry and Adam Housely. This duo married in Napa, CA. on May 15, 2011 , while the bride wore a classic white strapless gown the groom paired his tuxedo with converse’s. During the ceremony the couple paid homage to their parents by presenting them all with long-stemmed roses. After the ceremony was over the happy couple went on to their rustic wine country inspired reception. Their reception featured decorated wooden farm tables , beautiful pale pink and white flowers, and hundreds of candles. Their wedding also featured late night snacks of cupcakes as well as a taco truck when the guests were leaving.

As if the above weddings stressed less is most definitely more when it comes to your wedding. So if your going to draw inspiration from a celebrity wedding please remember that at times extravagance can be spared. ENJOY!!!

Wacky Wedding Dresses

In the world of amazing wedding dresses there are more than a few dresses that have the ability to make your guests stop and take million’s of pictures, and not for the right reasons. A bride’s personal style has the strong ability to come out when she’s picking out her bridal gown , this is not always a good thing for the women who is lacking in the style department, classic style anyway.

The biggest mistake that you can ever make as a bride is picking out a dress that is way too revealing for your wedding day. It is perfectly acceptable to want to be sexy on your big day but you must do so with class. The picture shown here is an example of how sexy can turn to trashy really fast, you must remember that the two of you and possibly your children have to look at these pictures years down the line. With that being said, you don’t want to have to kick yourself and say “what was I thinking?!”. In addition you don’t want to shock your grandparents or his when you show up to the church in a number like this one, then you’d be making a spectacle of yourself.

Ok so your husband loves sport’s, what does that have to do with your wedding? Absolutely nothing,  unless it’s incorporated into a beautiful grooms cake. In this bride’s opinion it has so much to do with her wedding that she incorporated it into her wedding dress. This is also something you should not do, other than the fact that it just doesn’t look good , it makes for a pretty tacky wedding picture. Your guest’s were expecting to see you in a beautiful wedding gown, not a basketball team’s jersey.

Are you a care-free bride that enjoys being comfortable and being able to actually breath in your dress? Great, but this like many other things has its limit’s. Tattered jeans are cool and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you should apply the same idea to your dress. Your guest’s will understand if you changed into something more comfortable for the reception , or even if your dress wasn’t as traditional as others, but they probably will not understand what you were doing with a piece like this one.The real question is will you even understand it when you look at your photo album a few years from now.

Extravagance is great, but like all things, too much of it can be bad for you. There is no need to try to out-do the late Princess Diana at your wedding either. At roughly 26 feet her veil was extremely long for even royal standards. There is no need to revive the bad trend, it was the 80’s and should be left there. In modern times your guest’s are probably going to wonder what you and your designer were thinking ( because there is no way you got a dress like this off the rack). Not to mention that your wedding party would have to be 20+ just for your train or veil alone, that’s a long wedding ceremony.

If you’re not sure of what kind of dress  you should be looking for then bring a friend or two along with you, and a voice of reason for good measure. It is best to know exactly what will work for you when you are looking for that perfect dress. Happy Shopping!!!!

The Royal Wedding!!!!

On Friday April 29, 2011 , the wedding of Prince William and his long time girlfriend Kate Middleton took place. Their wedding was said to have been the wedding of the century, and arguably the most exciting royal british wedding since that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981.

The happy couple announced their engagement on November 16, 2010 . Prince William proposed with the sapphire and diamond engagement ring that once belonged to his late mother, Princess Diana. From the announcement of the engagement until the actual day of the wedding the world was abuzz about every detail of their ceremony and ofcourse kate’s dress. 

The ceremony was held at Westminster Abbey, a large gothic church in London which is usually used by the royal family for coronations, burials, and ofcourse weddings. There was a small presence of actual flowers but a large presence in greenery because it was said that kate has a love for the outdoors.The trees that lined Westminster Abbey during the ceremony were to be planted immediately afterwards.

One of the most guarded secrets ofcourse was what Kate would actually be wearing on her big day. Buckingham Palace was even tight lipped about the designer of her dress fearing that the actual design would get out ahead of time. When Kate emerged from the vintage rolls royce the world got a look at the dress they had been waiting to see for months. Kate’s dress, Which seemed inspired by Grace Kelly’s dress when she married Prince Rainier of monaco in 1956, was designed by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. Pippa Middleton , Kate’s Sister, also wore an ivory gown designed by Sarah Burton.

After the Ceremony they headed back to Buckingham Palace in an open top carriage. Once there the newly named Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be able to stand on the balcony and great their “subjects”. This is also where the ceremonial kiss would take place, However, Prince William is not a fan of PDA’s so they shared two small peck’s.

When this was complete the happy couple retreated into the palace to enjoy one of many receptions that would be held in their honor as well as a few deep breathes and private moments. Soon after, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge emerged from the palace in a vintage aston martin ,belonging to Prince Charles, decorated with balloons and a registration tag that read “Ju5t Wed”.

As the future of the british monarchy ride’s off into the sunset it is safe to say that the world will have their eye’s on them for years to come. Now that the two have wed it is almost certain that producing an heir to the throne is in their near future. I guess we”ll all be waiting to see whats next for the Blushing bride and her real life prince.


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