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Traditional vs. Non Traditional Weddings

The struggle in planning your perfect wedding is mainly what will work for you. While most couples always settle on the traditional route for most or all of their wedding details some couples choose to trade out some or all of these things for non traditional one’s.

The most stable part of any wedding is always the bride’s dress. In traditional weddings the bride’s dress usually includes a princess ball gown theme or features a long vail.In modern or non traditional weddings bride’s are ditching the idea of long and “puffy” dresses in favor of shorter dresses that allow for more comfort. Some even keep the traditional wedding gown for the ceremony and change in to the comfortable dress for the reception. Either way you choose to do it, the tea length or cocktail dress can be a fun addition to your wedding wardrobe. It is also important to remember that even though your planning to go shorter it is still your wedding day , so keep it classy.

In the traditional wedding the bridesmaids are known to wear the same color and style of dress no matter how it makes them look individually .The bride however, is not the only one who’s allowed to mix it up at the wedding. Allow your bridesmaids to have fun with their dresses, they can get different styles of dress in the same color, different colors of a dress in the same style, or the same dress in different shades of one color.Yes thats a lot in the way of options , but it’s the best way to assure that everyone in your wedding party not only looks great but they are happy with what their wearing.

Another way to simply drop traditional from your wedding is to change up your vows. You can either write them yourself, or change the way you would like to recite the “traditional vows” by adding or omitting a few words. If your a couple with blended religions or you don’t want to offend anyone in particular you can re-write the vows so that they do not include prayer and religion and only speak of love and commitment. After the ceremony is over you can laminate your special vows and either have them framed or add them to your wedding scrap book along with your wedding photos.

Finally, the easiest way to incorporate a non traditional twist to your wedding is with your invites. Because they are the first taste of your wedding that your guest’s will receive this is the best place to add a little individuality. Make your guest’s laugh or tell them a story about the two of you if you want,tell them what your expecting them to wear or what you don’t want them to wear (depending on how non traditional your wedding will actually be).

Either way you go it’s important for you to have fun in every way. Enjoy!!!



Inspirational Invitations

When you’re trying to figure out how to start off planning for your wedding, one of the first things you focus on are the invitations. This process will require you to take in the sights and sounds around you in order for you to realize what it is you really want to do with your wedding atmosphere.It is a great idea to take the season of your wedding into consideration when planning because it will allow you to incorporate the season and what it has to offer into your festivities.

For a spring wedding floral is always the most obvious choice, mostly because flowers are one of the most enjoyable things about the spring season. You can draw inspiration from your favorite flowers or flowers that bloom in the perfect colors for your bouquet. Either way flowers for your spring-time invitations are sure to make your guests eager to see what kind of beautiful flowers you’ve chosen for your wedding.


What happens if your wedding is in the spring but you aren’t really in to flowers? Thats an easy fix, you can still incorporate all of the beautiful colors of the spring into your wedding and invitations without using flowers. Using bright colors and beautiful shapes can still give your guest the excitement for the spring season without the flowers, though it would still be great for you to make sure that the colors that you are using can easily be translated over to the overall decor of your wedding as well as your bouquet.

Having a small destination wedding? No worries, use your destination to your full advantage. Your invite should emulate the beauty of the location you have chosen for your wedding, this also gets your guests excited for not only your wedding but the actual trip their taking. This is an opportunity to have fun with your invite’s, include fun facts about your location, and things that your guests will be able to do there if they happen to arrive early or if they plan to stay a few days afterward. Adding these features will give your invitation the perfect amount of inspirational fun.

When all else seems to uniform and over done to you , you can also go a more personal route and invest in custom invitations.  These custom works of art allows you as a couple to go all out and include all of the elements that you feel should be added. Some couples work with a designer to craft an intricate design that will follow through to their wedding while others choose to take intimate photos and include them with their invite. This is your chance to have the most fun with your guest’s and it is sure to allow them to get an idea f your wedding’s decor and overall feel.

This like many other things your doing in this time period should be fun for the both of you. This is only the start of your planning , so make it fun and as always enjoy yourselves.





Thank You Notes 101

An important part of the post wedding festivities and chores is the very important thank you note. This small gesture let’s your family and friends know that you are grateful that they joined in on your special day and your thankful for their generous gifts. It is always polite to send these thank you’s out within a month of the wedding so that your guest don’t feel “unthanked” or “gypped”.

It is recommended that you use your invite list and wedding registry as the reference list for sending out thank you’s. It will make the task a lot less arduous if you are able to send your guest thank you notes as they purchase gifts off of your registry.

Some couples choose to go the simpler route when tackling their invites by simply placing a collage of pictures from the wedding along with a simple thank you on a postcard ( like the one pictured above). This is a very personal touch that would save the newlyweds a lot of time.

Some couples choose to go a more personal route and handwrite each and every thank you. This a massive undertaking if your wedding was 50 or more people, some couples include their close friends in this process for the extra help and great handwriting. Beware, if your wedding was a large one this may not be the road for you, there are other ways to add a personal touch. For example, using personalized mailing labels or little notes on the postcard to let that person know you personally appreciate them.

In all, though your wedding thank you notes aren’t the best part of your wedding it shouldn’t reflect in how they are executed. Even though it was your big day, your guest’s will appreciate that you took the time out to acknowledge them for joining you and supporting you. Remember, although it’s sort of a chore make sure you have fun with it.

Wedding Website Trends

As the technology age has crept into every part of main-stream america, it is only reasonable that technology would find it’s way into the world of traditional weddings. Modern couples now incorporate a new accessory to the wedding must-haves called a wedding website. On this site the new couples tend to gather romantic photos of themselves,short bio’s, their love story, registry information, and the location for the wedding events.

Because the wedding site is an extended accessory in their wedding most couples choose to extend their theme’s or color scheme’s onto their wedding sites. This is considered to be the best idea because it gives your guests an idea of what they can expect when the day for the wedding finally comes .However, some couples choose to design their site after themselves and their personalitiesIt also helps to cut down on the usage of paper and postal costs that are usually associated with the invitation process .If your sending your guest a simple “save the date” card with the web address on it they can RSVP in a timely manner , view where your registered, as well as find out fun facts about the couple.

Though this trend seems to be catching on rather quickly some couples shy away from the idea because of concerns for privacy. though this is a valid concern, most say “relax alittle” the information that your shring on your wedding website is nothing more than you’d share on Facebook or Twitter, besides its your wedding let loose and have fun, it’ll be a great piece of history to look back on 25 years down the road. Good Luck!!!

Plan a Wedding in a Month? That’s Crazy!!!!

A wedding is a time to celebrate your love. Traditionally weddings take six months to a year of planning in advance.  If you need to speed up the process, you can plan a wedding in a month.

Firstly, you need to get organized.  Put together a team will to help you with the tasks.  Many things need to be done so not be afraid to delegate.  Create a budget and stick to it.

Day 1-7:  Check on the marriage license requirements.  Decide on and secure the location.  Mail out your locally purchased the invitations.  Find an officiant. 

Day 8-14:  Begin booking vendors (caterer, photographer, videographer, DJ, transportation, etc.  Choose your bridal party.  Select and/or rent attire.  Decide on and book honeymoon.  Schedule an appointment for hair and makeup.

Day 15-21:  Order your cake.  Arrange your rehearsal dinner. Order your flowers.  Call and confirm vendor participation as well as arrival time.  Purchase wedding rings.

Day 22-28:  Purchase or create favors. Finalize seating plan. Put together all document necessary for traveling.

Day 29-30:  Confirm honeymoon.  Get wedding attire organized.  Rehearse and Dinner.


THE BIG DAY:  Just relax and be happy.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Even the most well-planned event has a few glitches.  Remember it is about the lifetime together not just the day.

Eco-Weddings 101

After having my wedding dresses showcased in the fashion show at the 2011 Mid Atlantic Green Wedding Showcase last weekend, I learned more about creating a truly eco-friendly wedding.  I wanted to share some tips with you.  The most important thing i learned is that going “Green” can save the earth as well as your pocketbook. 

Food ~ Make a statement at your wedding by finding a caterer willing to serve only local or organic food. It’s an eco-friendly choice that your guests will take note of not only for your principles, but for how amazing everything tastes

Eco-friendly Save the date ~ Of The Earth

Invitations ~ Of The Earth (www.earthinvitations.com) or Earthly Affair (www.earthlyaffair.com).  Some eco-friendly paper companies offer a one-piece option for the invitation. This style has a tear-off RSVP card, reducing the amount of paper needed.

Décor ~ Nature is full of beautiful items that can be utilized to decorate then be returned to nature after the wedding; rocks, twigs, flowers, potted plants, trees, leaves.  Use bamboo – one of the most sustainable materials on earth, bamboo is an eco-friendly décor option with an organic, modern feel.

Disposables ~ Forget about disposable plates, napkins, silverware and all that. Opt for rented china, crystal, and flatware that can be washed and reused. For a small affair, consider purchasing tablecloths, plates and tableware that you could reuse in your home after the wedding.

Favors ~ Edible favors like chocolates or homemade jam are a sweet reminder of your special day. 

Eco-friendly wedding favors ~ live plants

Another wonderful favor alternative is a donation your favorite green charity, made in honor of your wedding guests.

Location ~ Have ceremony and reception in the same location. Find a green (LEED) venue. 

Flowers ~ Use your ceremony arrangements to the reception!  Find a local florist who can provide organic blooms.  Skip cut flowers altogether.  Opted to use potted arrangements. Your guests can take them and plant in their yards after the wedding.

 Vendors ~ Choosing the right vendors is a key component of a green wedding.  A resource like The Green Bride Guide (www.greenbrideguide.com) can help connect you to trustworthy green vendors.