Vanessa Layne Mason

          Hailing from the Washington, DC area, Vanessa Layne Mason realized her destiny was to become a fashion designer at the young age of eight, when her mother sat her down at a sewing machine for the first time and taught her to sew.  “My mother, being a source of strength and encouragement, influenced me to follow my dreams and pursue a career in fashion,” states Vanessa. 

          Vanessa Mason started designing and creating swimwear and summer clothes for herself in elementary school.  Although, her first famous client was Barbie, she soon graduated to designing for her classmates and other women while in high school.  While pursuing her marketing degree, Mason began taking patternmaking classes and studying everything she could find about the industry.  She earned her degree in marketing and began a successful career in the technology industry while embarking on starting a fashion design business. 

          She designed bridal and other special occasion apparel as well as sportswear and millinery for a private clientele men, women and children.  When the owner of Toast & Strawberries, a renowned DC area boutique, expressed an interest in carrying her dress designs; Mason chose to take her collection to the retail marketplace. With a vision and a purpose, Vanessa credits God as the source and strength that enabled her to found Layne Corban in 2000.  She also believes the encouragement and support of family has been essential in keeping her on track. 

          In 2002, while planning her wedding, Vanessa went on a sacred quest, finding the perfect wedding gown.  Mason sought to find a gown that would be simple yet elegant that would express her individual sense of style.  The quest ended sadly as Vanessa discovered the limited selection of stylish gowns to fulfill her desire.  Experienced in couture designing, Vanessa designed and created her own gown with only a week to go before the wedding.  As a result, her love of bridal was rekindled.  It is at that point bridal became design focal point for Layne Corban.

          As the Creative Director with her own label, Vanessa Layne Mason now delights in bringing essential elements of glamour and fashion into the realm of romance.  Vanessa Mason is a member of The Fashion Group International and The Black Fashion Designers Association.  She continues to live in the Washington, DC area with her husband and children.

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