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Honeymoon at Sea

Vacations are nice, but none can compare to the romance and pure joy derived from a honeymoon. A honeymoon at sea is even greater because it’s so easy to plan and you get to see a variety of places for the cost of one trip. Most cruise lines and airlines may offer you little perks if you tell them it’s your honeymoon. For example , your cruise line may get you into that coveted dinner for two at the late dinner and your airline may put you on the standby list for a business class upgrade.

Though we all love free extras you shouldn’t expect any cruise line to bend over backward for you. After all you’re probably not the only honeymooners on the ship. But even then you can purchase specific packages from your cruise line to assure that you and your spouse enjoy the vacation.

Disney cruise line has a great “romantic escapes at sea” package. No you don’t have to be a newlywed in order to book this package but it’s certainly appropriate. You will receive a one hour couples massage , and fresh flowers in your cabin.

Carnival cruise lines gives all newlyweds a wedding cake at dinner on their first night. You can also arrange for the crew to decorate your room with a “congratulations” banner, balloons , and a cake. You can also pre-order a dozen red roses so that they are waiting in your cabin when you arrive. You can also look into the “high seas honeymoon” package which offers all of the perfect tourist trappings ( visors, cameras, T-shirts etc.) and discounted drinks.

Norwegian cruise lines host many honeymooners , so giving away costly freebies isn’t a common occurence. However, you can book one of four packages including the “deluxe celebration” package. This package consists of champagne and strawberries, a couples massage , a body wrap for her , breakfast in bed and in-cabin tea service ( which you’d get anyway), a bridge tour , a framed portrait , and dinner for two in the bistro with wine.

Royal Caribbean cruise lines offer a “classic romance” package. With this package you get a bottle of sparkling wine and canapes for two , pre-dinner canapes and after dinner sweets on the first night, and an 8×10 portrait in a silver plated frame. You can also upgrade to the “grand romance package” , that gets you Veuve clicquot and canapes, flowers, two woven robes, pre-dinner canapes and after dinner sweets on two nights, as well as the framed 8×10 photo.

There are many sea excursions for you and your honey to choose from. Once you’ve narrowed down where you’d like to go and the packages you would enjoy the most you can then discuss pricing.Remember booking early is always cheaper.




An Eco-friendly invite or announcement can set the tone for your green wedding. There are many options for 100% recycled, partially recycled, or completely tree free papers from wedding stationary suppliers.

Think about it, you will use more paper then you even realize for your wedding:

  • Engagement Announcements
  • Save the date cards
  • Shower Invites
  • Shower Thank you cards
  • Wedding invites
  • Ceremony Programs
  • Place Cards
  • Menu Cards
  • Wedding Announcements
  • Thank you notes
          Because of the many times a bride and groom must communicate with their guests they are finding ways to do it electronically to save on paper and printing costs. This is where wedding websites would come into the picture. There are many styles to choose from and they are fully customizable as well as reasonably priced. There are even options to have your site archived and on CD after the wedding is over.
         If the electronic wave is not for you however, you can explore the man different printing companies that can use eco-friendly paper to send out to your guests. As we all know “green” products are not always wallet friendly so please keep that in mind when you are exploring your stationery options.

Bridesmaids dresses in beautiful fall colors

             Fall can provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding as well as a robust range of rich colors for you to choose from when making decisions for your wedding. Though it’s not the most popular of seasons, you can find a way to make this fall or the next your own by incorporating as much of it into your fall wedding as possible(without over doing it of course).


This earth tone color is both rich and warm, and it brings about the thought of bare tree branches and crisp leaves underfoot. Brown is also flexible, as its wide variety of shades can complement any skin tone.


Green is also a great choice for your fall wedding because you can pick from many different shades of the color in order to bring the outdoors inside on your big day.


Burgundy is a vital color to any fall back drop, there for it is crucial to your wedding plans. This rich shade of red is the perfect image of fall and all of its richness and comfort.


Orange is another vital color to the fall back drop. The warmth of this color reminds you that winter hasn’t dried up all of summers beauty just yet. How perfect would that reminder be as a part of your wedding day?

 Fall colors are by far the most beautiful and rich when incorporated into any wedding.A combination of some of these colors have the ability to add an extra pop to our wedding decor.


Finding Something Blue

         Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.

             There have been plenty of time’s where we have seen a bride interpret these words in the same traditional fashion ;the handkerchief is old, the dress is new, the earrings are borrowed and  the garter is blue.But being that it is your wedding it is your turn to spin those words to your own liking.

            We aren’t really sure why the blue garter is a must , but we do know it’s still popular for the modern wedding. While a lacy blue garter is a valid option , there are a few other alternatives to choose from.

How about a pair of pretty blue shoes for the bride?

Or the bride may choose to wear a special set of blue sapphire jewelry?

Beautiful blue flowers can be a beautiful addition to the bride’s ensemble.

And if you’re interested in a little bit of drama then a pretty blue fascinator will surely fit the bill.

Though there are a few alternatives listed the possibilities are endless.Your “something blue” can be fashionable or personal, either way it is your’s. ENJOY!!!

Unique Ways to get Married in Vegas

Though Las Vegas has been the home of the quick and easy wedding for many years you can still find great ways to marry there. If you and your future husband/wife are looking to marry in Vegas but you’re not interested in a quick drive thru wedding or even an Elvis featured chapel wedding we have a few great suggestions for you.

For starters if you’re a fan of any particular hotel or resort in Vegas you can contact them for information about their destination wedding packages. The majority of packages will include a limo service, wedding flowers ,a photographer , video services, and venue fees. Most resorts have a wedding planner on staff that you can consult with in order to assure that your wedding will be everything that you deemed of and more.

For a more intimate setting you can visit any of the reputable chapels in Vegas. Yes that sounds like the typical Vegas wedding, but you can find plenty of ways to make it your own. For example, the chapel of flowers in Vegas offers a variety of chapels as well as a garden and gazebo. The chapels grounds include a beautiful waterfall surrounded by fragrant flowers, it’s the perfect place for those looking for plenty of romance.

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Well Vegas surely has plenty of that to offer along with the romance. How about a getting married over the illuminated Las Vegas strip at night in a helicopter. Maverick helicopters has a wedding package that includes a limo that will take you to and from the terminal, a bridal bouquet, a boutonniere, a bottle of champagne, and your own photographer. This package ensures you and your significant other will have an amazing night in Vegas. Ultimate thrill-seekers can get married wile diving out of a plane over the desert, talk about taking the plunge!

Whatever you choose to do to mark the day that you will be married is completely up to you, just make sure it’s something you’ll enjoy looking back on many years from now. Once your wedding is over take a look at the many different things there are to do around Vegas. Be sure to make your honeymoon as exciting as your big day.

Halloween Wedding Ideas

Though Halloween isn’t seen as the most romantic time of the year , it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a way to make love sprout up around it. Whether you guys share an anniversary during the Halloween season or you’re lovers of all things Halloween there’s a wedding theme out there for you.  I have a few great ways for you to add the spirit of the season to your big day.

          If you’d like to incorporate your wedding dress into the fun, try touches of color and antique embellishments. A dark-hued sash with an embellished brooch would look chic. Try a black-net birdcage wedding veil and a pair of to-the-wrist gloves, or antique jewelry for even more drama.

Pair your vintage dress with a dramatic Victorian up-do, this is sure to add to the drama of your look. If you’d rather wear your hair down have your stylist create a loose half-up style with long, flowing curls pulled back with an antique bejeweled hairpin.

Try and keep your makeup sophisticated, with that being said it does not mean that you can’t be dramatic. Fantasy makeup is great for the Halloween season. Consider deep plum eyeliner and shadow, or a rich raspberry color for your lips. However, to avoid going overboard, choose just one area of the face to highlight. Remember don’t do anything that you will regret when looking at your pictures a year or two from now.


In order to extend the Halloween chic theme to your venue you can go with an all black reception. The black linens in a heavy velvet material or something similar will add to the “goolish” feel of Halloween without making your guests feel awkward. Accent the table with silver chargers , bold flower arrangements, and candles will brighten up the table enough so that your reception isn’t mistaken for anything to dark and mysterious.

Try infusing Halloween into your menu and even the drinks served at the bar. Ask your caterer to craft a signature drink for your event and serve it to all of your guests throughout cocktail hour and the reception. You can also infuse pumpkins into many of your menu items because it is so versatile. Try things like pumpkin bread or a pumpkin spread for the dinner rolls. You can even throw a pumpkin pie in there for dessert!

Allow your guests to join in on the fun and wear costumes too. Include a photo booth at the wedding so your guests can go in and enjoy taking pics with you and other guests. Your guests will feel like a big part of your wedding day, especially when they see the pictures in a scrap/wedding book later. Another crafty idea; let the guests receive key chain versions of their pictures as a very personal wedding favor.

No matter how you choose to incorporate this spooky season into your wedding just remember that you’ll be looking at these pictures for the rest of your life, so make sure you’re happy with every little detail.


Autumn Wedding Cakes.

Fall weddings are usually known to feature beautiful and rich autumn colors and fruits that come to life in the fall. But like a wedding in any season, you want your decor to emulate the beauty of the season at its best, but how? The most common way to tie all of your wedding details and decor together is the cake. The perfect autumn cakes can certainly wow your guests , here are a few ideas for great designs this season.



This large three-tiered autumn wedding cake is sure to add to the classic autumn wedding. It is  decorated with white buttercream scroll work, hand crafted orange fondant autumn leaves and fondant fruits and nuts.



Oozing with romance, this three-tier dream is more appropriate for a smaller wedding. The white and beige, lacy wedding cake is decorated with green, orange and yellow autumn leaves.





This huge round four-tier fall themed wedding cake is decorated with edible hand crafted fondant leaves and airbrushed white chocolate fruit. The bottom tier is a square cake with the focus being on the hand crafted fondant fruit and leaves accents.




This is a simple white three-tier cake with autumn leaves . The leaves are yellow, orange, brown, tan and green. Decorated with satin white ribbon around each tier.





And for those who have a taste for the dramatic, this three-tier wedding cake is for you. It is hand painted and airbrushed in autumn theme earthy colours and decorations and embellished with burnt orange/red fresh roses.




Though the ideas and designs are vast, there is a design for everyone’s taste. Your baker can even take pieces of many designs and incorporate them into one breath-taking cake. The most popular cake flavor for the fall is carrot cake because of the way it speaks to the autumn feel and colors.