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Wedding Registry 101

With all the planning that goes into assuring that your big day is all you hoped for , you must remember to take time to plan out your wedding registry. No matter the size of your wedding or the number of past weddings you’ve had a registry is always a great idea, it makes the process of choosing gifts much easier for your guests as well as assure that you will get the things you need and want.

The first thing you should do when planning for your registry is search around for the best department store for you. Most stores offer the same products but often times the incentives you receive may be different during a certain time of year. You should also make a list of the things the two of you really need like appliances, his and her luggage,crystal and china, or even linens.

It is important to have fun with your registry as these are things you are hoping to receive as gifts. Do not limit yourself as far as price is concerned, guests love to buy a newlywed couple great gifts so that they can start a beautiful life together. With that being said it is also important to remember to not go overboard, it’s your wedding day, not christmas morning. It is also important to remember to give your guests a variety of gifts to choose from, even though your choosing the gifts it is important to allow them to choose gifts that fit their personal styles.

Once you’ve made your list and decided on the things you will need and the store you’re going to visit it is time to create the registry. This part of the process may require some outside help from a close friend or relative to assure your choosing the right things and to help you gauge what on your list is reasonable and what is not. However, this is not license to make it a party because that can also cause your list to get out of hand.

Once all of this is done your next task as a couple is to figure out the best way to meaningfully thank your guests. Some couples choose to manage this hefty task by writing them as their guests purchase their gifts, some choose to wait until after the wedding.Either way you should always make sure to thank your guests in a timely manner for any gifts you receive. ENJOY!!!


After ” I Do”

Now that all the stressful wedding planning is over, your special day has come and gone, and you’ve enjoyed your honeymoon what do you do next? For many couples it is hard to make the transition from just a couple to a married couple even if the two of you have been together for years. This change in dynamics not only solidifies your commitment to one another as a loving couple it also means that until your marriage ends you are vowing  to stand by one another no matter the challenge. Though it may seem like a tough transition it is not impossible with effort and consideration from the both of you.

As a newly married couple you should always remember that conversation is key. Now is not the time to keep secrets , if anything this is when the two of you should share the most about yourselves if you haven’t already. This is also a time to discuss your goals for the future whether it’s starting a family, continuing your education, moving, or even new career aspirations.

After your wedding and honeymoon it is also a great time to sit back and review your finances as a couple. This is your opportunity to set money aside for long-term goals as well as discuss the bills and savings accounts if you don’t already have one. Discussing how your money will be spent or saved allows the both of you to gain a mental picture of your finances so that neither one of you are in the dark about where you stand.

“Never go to bed angry”your grandmother was right when she told you this. Though it may seem easy to hold a grudge with your spouse it doesn’t make it right.As a couple you should be able to calmly discuss your frustrations with one another, if this cannot happen right away then it is best that the two of you get some alone time to cool off and then reconvene later. Going to bed after an unfinished argument allows for your anger to fester therefore lighting the flame for more anger towards your partner, and this as a couple is something you do not want.

Most importantly , KEEP THE LOVE ALIVE! This will be the most important thing you will hear from friends and family who have already gone down this road. Just because you are married does not mean that your life suddenly becomes dull, have fun with each other, after all your going to be spending a lot of time together from now on. You can do something as simple as planning a weekly date night so the two of you can get back into the mode of “dating”, you can even do something like plan a special trip every year for just the two of you to get away together and rekindle any missing flames.

In all, life as a married couple doesn’t have to be a drag. Live it up and enjoy each other’s company, it will make for a long and enjoyable marriage.

All about the Rings

Almost as important as the bride and her dress is of course her groom but the next in line is most likely their rings. These small pieces of jewelry announce your union to the world and will be worn for the rest of your life, so why not make sure they are rings you both love. Usually the initial burden of the perfect ring will fall upon your soon-to-be husband when it comes time to pick out the engagement ring, and with all the styles and price ranges to choose from it can be a difficult but rewarding hunt.

The first trend is one that many grooms ( and their brides) are heavily into, and this is the diamonds and platinum. Most women dream of big beautiful diamonds as little girls but some may or may not receive them so as a soon-to-be husband your guy is hoping to be the one to give you what you’ve always dreamed of. This specific trend is not always the cheapest but it makes for a beautiful conversation piece when you share the lovely news with your friends and family.

If the bride-to-be is more on the glamorous side then this trend is definitely for her. The colored stone adds a bit of style and pizzazz to the traditional engagement ring, the stones can range from pretty pink one’s to one’s that match her favorite color or birthstone. This style allows for more of a personal relationship with the ring (if you can believe that’s even possible).

For a bride that loves a good thrift store or consignment shop this trend is truly for her. These vintage pieces of jewelry give a look of wisdom and historical value and can mean so much more to the bride if in fact her ring is an heirloom.This trend brings back the traditional engagement ring with a modest sized solitaire diamond with a plain gold or white gold band. Though these pieces don’t speak volumes to every bride they are sure to stand the test of time for that special one.

With the earth-friendly society we now live in it is only fitting that there will be eco-friendly rings. If your bride is as eco-friendly as they come or she’s just becoming apart of “team green” then these rings would surely impress her. These rings are made with conflict-free diamonds and recycled gold settings, features that will surely put your bride-to-be at ease when excepting your proposal.

And although the engagement ring process is all about the bride it is only fitting that she show her groom just how much she truly appreciates him.In the past the groom was usually stuck with a plain gold or white gold band that didn’t speak to his individuality, but now men’s wedding rings are made to fit him personally. They can also feature beautiful diamonds or colorful stones, two types of metals ,intricate band designs in place of stones, as well as have eco-friendly features. So remember even though your bride-to-be worries most about rings, keep in mind that it’s a process you both should enjoy ( just make sure your best man remembers where he put your rings on the day of the wedding).

Statement Wedding Pieces

In even the simplest of wedding’s a little flair can be added by using a beautiful statement piece. A statement piece can be worn by the bride and can vary from a beautiful piece of jewelry or a fascinator, a well done and amazingly executed program, or a breath-taking cake.

After the royal wedding there has been an exponential increase in the popularity of the fascinator. This is an abstract head-piece or hat that is either held on by a head band or hair pins. This simple gesture can add plenty of flair to a brides style like the peacock feather head-piece worn by Sarah Jessica Parker on her doomed wedding day in the movie “Sex in The City”. The bride can also wear a beautiful necklace or a nice pair or dangling earrings to add an extra splash of fashion to her wardrobe. This can also be done by the entire wedding party as long as the bride doesn’t feel like she’s being upstaged.

If the bride is not willing to make her wardrobe the statement of the wedding or if you’re the type of couple that needs many statement pieces, you can also use your programs to wow your guests.Instead of the traditional program with the couples picture on the front , you can go with something that will not only entertain your guest but can serve as a beautiful keepsake. The program usually consists of a run down of the wedding party, a list of the reading’s and readers, the officiant, as well as the date and location of your ceremony. It is also a good idea to briefly explain any foreign or bi-cultural traditions that will be taking place during the ceremony so that your guests can easily follow the service. However, how much or how little you choose to say in your program is totally up to you.

If you’re a couple that has expensive taste and would like your wedding to drip with elegance and beautiful statements you can also go with an extravagant wedding cake. These cakes however, do not come cheap so this option is for those who don’t mind dropping a pretty bridal penny on the cake alone. The statement wedding cake is probably the most common type of statement piece at anyone’s wedding because there are two things that most guest are anxious to see, and that is the wedding dress and the cake. With that being said a couple would want to make sure their cake is done the right way.

In all a wedding can be made of plenty of different elements that can give it an extra splash of sparkle and flair. Choosing the best one for yourself however, is the most important part. Now go out and have fun planning those fabulous weddings!

Wedding Cake Alternatives

In today’s weddings the bride and groom are choosing to take the usual wedding traditions and twist them in their own unique ways. For instance they are finding alternatives to the traditional white wedding cake. Below are several of the most popular alternatives.

The most popular of the alternatives is a small wedding cake that is accentuated by enough cupcakes to feed your wedding guests. This option allows the newlyweds the option to still participate in the ceremonial cutting of the cake. It also gives the wedding guests an option in cake and frosting flavors. These mini works of art can be placed on a tiered cake pedestal or decoratively placed on the “wedding cake table” , either way these personalized wedding snacks are sure to cause a splash.

If you are tired of the traditional wedding cake but are over the cupcake craze you could try something known as  “cakeshooters” . These new treats are designed to look like push-pops and are filled with cake , flavored icing, and traditional cake toppings. With this option couples can customize the packaging with their own wedding logo and their names. They are also available in gluten free and vegan options which is always a plus!!!

If your wedding is in the summer season this next treat would probably be of most interest to you. A cool ice cream bar in lou of a traditional heavy pastry is ideal for the summer time because your guest will be able to have a cool and customizable treat that will not weigh them down when it’s time to dance. When going with an ice cream bar the options are endless because you can include everyone’s favorite toppings as well as some healthy choices like frozen yogurt and fresh fruit.

Another delightful treat in a late autumn or winter wedding would be a dessert barista. When the weather becomes a little frosty your guests are going to need some help warming up especially if your ceremony and reception aren’t in the same venue. It would be best to assure that your barista’s station is fully stocked with flavored syrup’s, various milk options and ofcourse desserts like gourmet cupcakes and chocolate-dipped biscotti’s. For an extra splash of fun you can also incorporate tasty coffee mixers for the adult sippers.

This next selection is not at all the usual selection for a wedding treat but it is sure to amaze. It is called a croquembouche (pronounce it croke-em-boosh ), it is a traditional french pastry that consists of a paper cone covered with fluffy cream-filled choux pastries or macarons and drizzled with chocolate syrup and caramel. With a description like that who needs to hear anything else? This treat is sure to serenade the eye’s and tongue’s of all your guest’s.

And last but absolutely not least is the delightful dessert breakfast bar. When your reception has run well into the night and is spilling over into the next morning a breakfast bar is a wonderful parting gift to both your guest’s and your wedding party. This may be the oldest of all of the alternatives but arguably one of the best. This alternative not only keeps your guests partying into the next day with you, it ensures that they’ll have a full belly to sleep on when they finally do make it home. Waffles, bacon, eggs, maybe some fresh fruit (you can even recycle some toppings from your ice cream bar if there’s any left), what else could be better to end a great night of festivities?

Thank You Notes 101

An important part of the post wedding festivities and chores is the very important thank you note. This small gesture let’s your family and friends know that you are grateful that they joined in on your special day and your thankful for their generous gifts. It is always polite to send these thank you’s out within a month of the wedding so that your guest don’t feel “unthanked” or “gypped”.

It is recommended that you use your invite list and wedding registry as the reference list for sending out thank you’s. It will make the task a lot less arduous if you are able to send your guest thank you notes as they purchase gifts off of your registry.

Some couples choose to go the simpler route when tackling their invites by simply placing a collage of pictures from the wedding along with a simple thank you on a postcard ( like the one pictured above). This is a very personal touch that would save the newlyweds a lot of time.

Some couples choose to go a more personal route and handwrite each and every thank you. This a massive undertaking if your wedding was 50 or more people, some couples include their close friends in this process for the extra help and great handwriting. Beware, if your wedding was a large one this may not be the road for you, there are other ways to add a personal touch. For example, using personalized mailing labels or little notes on the postcard to let that person know you personally appreciate them.

In all, though your wedding thank you notes aren’t the best part of your wedding it shouldn’t reflect in how they are executed. Even though it was your big day, your guest’s will appreciate that you took the time out to acknowledge them for joining you and supporting you. Remember, although it’s sort of a chore make sure you have fun with it.

Wedding Website Trends

As the technology age has crept into every part of main-stream america, it is only reasonable that technology would find it’s way into the world of traditional weddings. Modern couples now incorporate a new accessory to the wedding must-haves called a wedding website. On this site the new couples tend to gather romantic photos of themselves,short bio’s, their love story, registry information, and the location for the wedding events.

Because the wedding site is an extended accessory in their wedding most couples choose to extend their theme’s or color scheme’s onto their wedding sites. This is considered to be the best idea because it gives your guests an idea of what they can expect when the day for the wedding finally comes .However, some couples choose to design their site after themselves and their personalitiesIt also helps to cut down on the usage of paper and postal costs that are usually associated with the invitation process .If your sending your guest a simple “save the date” card with the web address on it they can RSVP in a timely manner , view where your registered, as well as find out fun facts about the couple.

Though this trend seems to be catching on rather quickly some couples shy away from the idea because of concerns for privacy. though this is a valid concern, most say “relax alittle” the information that your shring on your wedding website is nothing more than you’d share on Facebook or Twitter, besides its your wedding let loose and have fun, it’ll be a great piece of history to look back on 25 years down the road. Good Luck!!!